Key Features Of Power Banks For Smartphones, Like Power Bank Pro

Telecommunication technology has advanced immensely over the past few years. The world is coming together in our smartphones in the form of mobile apps, e-banking and online retail. Consequently, the power usage by our devices has increased, necessitating a more frequent charging cycle. While this is not a problem in our everyday routine where charging points are easily accessible either at office or at home, mobile charging can become a cumbersome task when we are travelling.

Key Features Of Power Banks For Smartphones, Like Power Bank Pro

To overcome this problem, many companies have introduced many charging accessories that provide extra life to smartphone battery. For example, the Power Bank Pro. Before purchasing a charging station for your smartphone, it is good to understand the key features of such accessories. This helps us to make fair comparison and to choose the best model. Some of these features are explained below.

Multiple charging configurations

Many charging stations come with the option of multiple charging configurations like 5V/2A, 9V/2A, and 12V/1.5A. This enables the user to charge the powerbank and the connected devices much faster compared to power banks with a single charging configuration.

Adaptability to different brands

Though a powerbank is intended for use with the smartphone of the corresponding brand, it is helpful if the same powerbank can be used for smartphones of other brands too. This greatly increases the utility of the accessory, making it the favourite among the available options. For example, the power bank from Xiaomi accessories can also be used with some models of Nexus, Oneplus 2 and LG smartphones.

USB type-C charging

The latest charging stations come with the adaptor for integrating a USB type-C charger. This simple feature extends its usability to additional devices like tablets, other smartphones and notebooks.

Size and weight

The size and the weight of any portable device determines its ease of use during travel. A portable charging device should not be bulky and heavy. It should be compact and should fit easily in a small bag.

Power output

The latest power banks have a higher power output and capacity. This feature makes charging of smartphones from these accessories faster. For example, Power Bank Pro has a capacity of 10000mAh and 18W, that reduces the average charging time of a typical 3090 mAh smartphone by almost 25% when compared to other charging devices.

Safety features

Any device that employs the use of electricity is a possible source of mishap. Devices like charging stations are equipped with some safety features like the circuit protection chip that gives protection to the circuit, and also increases the efficiency of the device.

What makes one power bank better than the other is the speed of charging, suitability to various other devices and compact size that makes it an ideal travel companion. In addition to the features discussed above, the technical specifications like the type of battery used, the cost and after sales service terms and conditions should always be considered before making a purchase. Only after comparing all features and reading online reviews about the product, one should go ahead and purchase one.

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