Indian Earring Designs That Suit Every Occasion and Outfit For An Indian Woman

Jewellery is not just a metallic artistic adornment. It is an accessory that enhances the beauty of a woman. When you accessorize with something as simple as earrings, it gives a different look to your entire appearance. Earrings are available in semi-precious stones and unique designs. You can buy them made from the most unconventional materials.

For wedding and engagement ceremonies, you can choose from earring designs that are originated in its elements and style from Rajasthan. These designs of ear pieces look traditional and regal. They could be made in a combination of silver and gold metals.

Indian Earring Designs That Suit Every Occasion and Outfit For An Indian Woman

 More earring designs for all occasions

  • Choose danglers made in precious metal, studded with pearls and stones.
  • The designs for ear pieces are intricate and have an artistic value.
  • Moon shaped earrings which are studded with diamonds and rubies originated in Hyderabad.
  • Jhumkas are one of the most commonly bought ear pieces for traditional occasions.
  • They are made in precious or oxidized metals and are available in diverse designs.
  • Various ethnic jewelleries are designed inspired from various design elements.
  • Ethnic jewellery design is elaborate and intricate.
  • Few part of the jewellery is also handcrafted.
  • Earpiece motifs are a combination of swirls and bird motifs.
  • Animal and fine design elements are also used in ear pieces.
  • Floral designs like lotus and rose are also used to make ear pieces.
  • Motifs in animals, bird, and floral are popular in earpiece designs.

Face shape and earpiece designs

When it comes to buying Indian ethnic jewellery, you must also look into the material and stones used in the design. You can get an earring price from lower to a higher cost depending upon the material used. Every ear piece is unique when embellished with various stones and precious metals.

Polki and pearl jewellery has always been popular in the Indian wedding scene. These are the designs that will always stay in vogue and never go out of season. The designs you choose for ear pieces and any other jewellery can create an illusion of making your face look longer or wider. Choose an earpiece design that suits the contour and shape of your face.

Shopping earrings online is easy

Those who are shopping for the first time online can be apprehensive about shopping for earrings online or any other piece of jewellery. Jewellery shopping is best done when you manually check out the pieces.

The pictures of these jewellery designs are clean. They have descriptions about the material being used, makes it easier for you to shop for them online. There is no standard size for jewellery that is available online. You can look for designs that match your outfit and occasion.

Buying jewellery online is now easy only with a few clicks. You can buy jewellery in unique and offbeat designs that might not be available in your local area.


Buy any type of jewellery ranging from fashion jewellery to semi-precious and precious stone jewellery online.  Every state in India has jewellery that is designed with specialized artistry originated in that area. You can explore options when you shop online.

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