5 Myths Related With Online Reputation Management Busted

Online reviews are vital from consumer’s point of view. It influences the readers or potential consumers, a lot. As marketers it is vital to be familiar with the fact that negative reviews can cost 32% of sales conversion. Online reputation management is essential. If you believe in all the myths related to reputation management then visit this page and gain insight of how myths are busted.

5 Myths Related With Online Reputation Management Busted

Myth 1 – You can delete any kind of material posted online.

Fact – Online posted content is practically permanent.

Many SEO providers or dishonest reputation management firms claim to fix or remove negative results on search engines. In reality, even Google technicians are not able to erase online content.

Solution – The solution is to press down the negative links by promoting positive content. You can even ask the website owner to eliminate the negative review. It is also vital to fix what triggered the negative content because if bad behaviour or poor customer service goes unchecked, you will get more negative remarks in near future.

Myth 2 – You need to spend more time in building your reputation.

Fact – Only large organizations need full time attention to reputation management.

Large organizations need 24/7 brand monitoring, but small and individual business don’t need it.

Solution – Basic monitoring tools, regular reputation building and assessment is sufficient.

Myth 3 – Online management is just for business or job seekers.

Fact – Reputation management matters a lot to everyone.

Business gets derailed and employees get fired with inappropriate online posts. Reputation management needs long-term connections, attention, and online development. You may not need reputation care right now but paying attention is good.

You never know when you will lose your employment or need business investors or build new connections. Having a positive reputation on the internet will support you significantly.

Solution – Reputation management is a continuous need, so work on it even if you don’t need it now.

Myth 4 – Reviews need to be appealing, so as to entice consumers.

FactYour positive reviews gain more trust due to negative ones.

The fact sounds strange, but having a couple of bad remarks along with good ones is fine. Minor criticism helps or else consumers get suspicious of your brand. Consumers understand that best brands too fail sometimes. Every business will have few unsatisfied consumers. Therefore, exclusive positive reviews give the feeling that they are sham.

Solution – If your reviews include few negative pieces spread here and there along with majority of positive ones then don’t fret. When bad reviews start to increase the good ones take steps to re-evaluate and identify what your consumers are dissatisfied about.

Myth 5 – You will need to publish abundant of content and media posts to bury the bad links.

Fact – Lots of repeated content is called spamming, but interesting links will stand out.

Avoid the enticement of developing abundant of small blog posts, create many social media profiles, write fake brand reviews or appeal familiar bloggers for links. It is called spamming. Google hates people, who practice this method.

Solution – Become Google friendly and beat bad reviews with strong positive text. Create informative and useful blog posts instead of keyword stuffed content. Create a single profile on each social media and post on them. Use them to interact with others, genuinely.

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