Turning Your Candidate Experience Into Gold

When the right people are hired for positions, businesses see the immediate benefits to their production. Without giving prospective candidates the respect they deserve through communication, however, this cannot be achieved. This should be the standard not only during the hiring process, but also the on-boarding process as well.

Silence Speaks Volumes

Not receiving any reply for a position for a lengthy amount of time can be worse to a candidate that being turned down for the job. It’s a blatant disregard for the time they put into filling out the application, and it can leave your company with a damaged reputation.

If your company wants to avoid this reputation, policies should be created that ensure every potential future employee receives an appropriate response within a specified time frame. Depending on your company, the time frame and manner of communication may vary.

Yours may prefer phone calls over emails, or it may take some companies a few weeks to decide who they want to pull in for the next step of the hiring process.

In any case, it is important that those who are applying are aware of the parameters of these processes. A simple automated email could easily cover this detail. After each application is received, candidates can be informed immediately as to what they should expect to happen. This will also allow you to keep candidates ready for when you do decide to make the next move, and prevent the loss of talent leaving to other companies.

Turning Your Candidate Experience Into Gold

Applying Effective Practices

Qualified people will not spend too much time investing in companies that do not answer their applications. The job market is full of potential, but companies need to act in concise and targeted ways to bring that potential into their businesses.

The longer a position is left open, the more revenue companies lose to production gaps with the absence of vital team members. Once a company has established the goals of its’ hiring process, identifying well experienced applicants will become a more streamlined process. Keep in mind that there are many companies already implementing these priorities. These practices are quickly becoming the norm, rather than the exception.

Hiring new talent is a competition in many ways for recruitment agencies. If answering all applications has not become part of the standard method for your company, gather your HR team and collaborate on ways this can be remedied. Each potential future employee should be made to feel that their time is valued at each step of the hiring process, even if you do not end up bringing them onto the team in the end.

Word about the companies hiring process spreads fast, especially in these days of companies such as Glassdoor, where anyone can anonymously share their experiences. Would you not prefer that those reviews are mostly positive? This will attract quality talent to your position immediately. People will take the company seriously if they show that their goal truly is to bring on great team members.

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