5 Signs Your Windows Need An Upgrade

Windows are important for your home in more ways than one. Comfort, air filtration, noise reduction, energy efficiency and security make windows a need-based investment. High quality, well-maintained windows can last for up to 20 years, even more.

If you can’t recall the last time your windows were revamped, here are few signs to look out for an upgrade:

5 Signs Your Windows Need An Upgrade

Damaged Frames

For minor issues, like weather-stripping or hardware, tweaks and repairs will do. But if the glass on your windows is fogging up or you find it hard to keep it open or close, has cracks and visible fractures in the pane or rotting frames, it’s time to think of replacing the entire window.

Tip: Keep external factors like weather in mind while choosing windows, as it makes a huge impact on longevity.

Discolouration or Fading

Windows are supposed to let you see outside, and if that’s an issue, it can be lowering the value of your house, especially if it has a beautiful view. Moreover, it can be blocking a significant amount of sunlight as glass windows and doors are the main source of natural light. Moisture, dirt accumulation and pollution are few elements that can lead to fogginess, fading and general discolouration of glass.

Tip: Regular cleaning and maintenance will help. But, if the condition is severe, you can upgrade to high-quality clear glass for 100% distortion-free view of outdoors. 

Energy Bills

Glass plays a significant role in cutting down energy costs. uPVC glass windows impact room temperature adversely, putting your air conditioning and heating mechanisms under severe strain. To offset that, these devices consume higher power.

Tip: If your utility bills are skyrocketing (check with the neighborhood) consider doing a check on the quality and type of glass used for your windows. 


Do you have a noisy neighborhood? Is your house located on a street with high traffic? Are you tired of dogs interrupting your sleep? If so, soundproof glass is just what you need for doors and windows. It’s easy to install, a super energy saver as it restricts airflow, and also helps reduce condensation.

Tip: Go for an acoustically engineered soundproof glass which reduces noise levels by as much as 60%.


Window replacement is a great makeover move, aesthetically and functionally. Windows have high visibility among all house furnishings — if they are worn out, your house will look too. Watch out for colour fading away, broken hinges, or warping material.

Tip: Experiment a little with window styles.

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