4 Clever Solutions for Evading Stress Triggers

Stress exists almost constantly in our lives, like a twenty-four-hour channel that plays in the back of our minds. From our family and social obligations to all the responsibilities at work, some of us just feel as if we can never catch a break. What most people don’t realize is that stress triggers can appear at any time and are often caused by everyday things that we often wouldn’t expect. Whether you’re answering your phone and know beforehand that the conversation is going to be extremely toxic, or you have anxiety before a meeting that you are not prepared for, these “normal” events can cause physical tension that is not good for someone to have to endure on a daily basis. One of the most intense stress triggers can be moving from one city to another since it involves both physical and mental stress and fatigue. Hiring expert long distance movers is a great way to save yourself from a potentially catastrophic stress trigger and transform what could potentially be a scarring experience into a smooth transition.

Additionally, there are some clever little ways you can avoid these stress triggers or in the very least, lessen their impact on your daily anxiety.

Evading Stress Trigger

One or Two Glasses a Day

Orange juice may be part of a lot of people’s morning breakfast routine, but those who drink a glass every morning may not realize that doing so has improved the way their morning will go. That’s right, orange juice is just as delicious and refreshing as it is a way to lessen stress. How is this so? According to WebMD, the high amount of Vitamin C found in orange juice does wonders to boost your physiological immune system.

Find Something to Laugh About

While it may sound a bit corny, the old adage that laughter is the best medicine does have some truth behind it. Laughter effectively reduces cortisol, which is exactly what your body is pumping out in times of high anxiety and stress. Laughter releases endorphins, which counteract the effect of high cortisol and end up making you calmer than ever. This is likely why so many people find something to laugh at when they are in a high-stress job: keeping that sense of humor can really get you through the tough times by offering you that daily dosage of endorphins.

Express Yourself

The artistic expression might be an obvious solution to getting rid of the jitters at the end of a stressful day. Even if you don’t consider yourself a modern Picasso, flexing that right hemisphere can take your mind off your everyday stresses and relieve physical tension while you’re concentrating on your masterpiece. Couple this with some soothing music and your nerves will be calm as ever.

Hire Movers

As we mentioned above, if you’re already stressing about personal events in your life and you’re facing an important move, don’t do all the work yourself. Hire movers who can get the work done for you and take a load off your shoulders in the process.

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