You Should Think About A Destination Wedding

The idea of getting married in Florida appeals to many couples. Florida has at least 1,000 miles of coastal area and an extensive variety of environments. For couples planning to take their vows, Florida’s flora and fauna offer diverse options.

Millions of visitors come to the “Sunshine State” from all over the world each year. South Florida destinations like Miami and Fort Lauderdale report that tens of millions arrive to enjoy the local scenery or board cruise ships to other ports of call. Destination weddings in Florida make having a wedding on a private secluded beach a dream come true.

Florida Wedding Trends

Beach weddings are a perennial favorite but not everyone coming to Florida wants to brave Mother Nature on their wedding day. For instance, northern Florida couples seem to like the idea of getting married inside a stately church, temple, or mosque that western Florida couples. Florida weddings are often semiformal.

Wherever you decide to marry in Florida, it’s possible to bring traditional Florida themes. For instance, if you’re marrying near the sea shore, consider natural or nautical themes for the décor. If you’re marrying in and around a large Florida university, such as the University of Florida or Central Florida University, add team colors if you wish.

Florida is also one of the most culturally diverse populations in the United States. Latin American themes and flavors are always popular.

Florida Weddings and Locations

Florida’s top cities for weddings include Jacksonville in the north, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys in the south, Orlando in central Florida, or Tampa-St. Petersburg in the west.

After selecting the location of the wedding, couples must obtain a Florida marriage license. Plan ahead. If you’re not a resident of Florida, you don’t have to observe the three-day waiting period or attended a Florida-approved premarital education course. Couples can get married in any Florida county after obtaining a marriage license. A marriage license is valid in Florida for up to 60 days from issue date.

Keep in mind these simple rules for getting married in Florida:

• Both partners must appear in person and be at least 18 years old

• Both partners must show valid identification, such as a driver’s license, to confirm your identities, birth dates, and signatures

• If divorced, annulled, or widowed, applicants must state when the annulment or divorce was finalized or the date of death of the former spouse.

• Read Florida’s “Family Law Handbook” before making an application for a marriage license. It’s available online and in hard copy.

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