Where To Find Solutions For NCERT Books Of Class 10?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) which was established in 1961, is an organisation set up by the Government of India, to assist and advise the central and state governments on various academic matters related to school education. The NCERT publishes textbooks for school subjects from Classes I to XII. NCERT not only publishes books but also provides Sample Papers that are used in schools that are affiliated to CBSE.

NCERT books are a very good option for students. In my personal opinion they are the best choice. They contain valuable information and topics which are relevant for the student’s academics. Along with that NCERT books are the best to score good marks in exams. Mostly CBSE students are recommended to use this book.

NCERT books help develop the student’s confidence and knowledge as they prove out to be the following:

  1. They turn out to be the finest reading material and make the student understand the basics.
    2. They help the student thoroughly with academics throughout school.
    3. They help the student with the competitive exams whether it’s banking, staff commission or the most coveted civil services.

As mentioned above these books help a lot but they do at times prove to be nuisance when the questions given in the exercises in these books don’t get solved by the student after vigorously trying. Although many people would go with the notion that seeking out solutions or guides for the NCERT books or any book is wrong and the student should work hard and get the concept and come through with the problems himself but I would beg to differ as these books are written by very eminent and knowledgeable people and there are instances when questions in these books are really tough and regardless it is not bad to seek help when we really need it. And class 10th is the time when students are already under a lot of pressure to perform and thus they don’t need the extra psychological burden of not being able to get help with these questions thus there are many places where one can get solutions to NCERT books for class 10th. These include:

  • Another website Jagranjosh provides solutions for the NCERT books and they also provide material for various other fields which may come in handy for the student.
  • A website named Vedantu provides solutions to only to science and mathematics books but not the rest so anyone who requires help in only these two subjects may go out this link
  • The website Studyrankers not only provides the solutions to the ncert books but they also provide notes for class 10th students for the board preparation.
  • The portal Toppr.com provides students solutions for NCERT class 10 books and even more practice sets to enhance their concepts further. You can use the website : https://www.toppr.com/bytes/ncert-books/ to have a look at the notes it provides.
  • Other than that the student may also look out for solutions that are provided by various publishing houses at the local market. There are various publishers who publish solutions to the NCERT books in hard copy and these are available at various bookstores.
  • If the above option of local market and bookstores turns out to be non viable and still hard copy is required you can always go to various online shopping websites like: http://www.amazon.in/NCERT-Solutions

These are the few easiest places where you can find solutions to the NCERT books. Other than that Google provides a lot of options for this task and you are free to try out any of those.

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