Water Ionizers: How It Works and The Benefits One Could Get

A water ionizer is a kind of home appliance whose primary use is to increase the pH level of normal tap water by the use of electrolysis which causes the water to be separated into alkaline and acidic components. These appliances are attached to the faucet, usually in the kitchen sink, and are being used to treat the stream of water coming out with high levels of minerals and a weak electric current to create ionized water. The produced ionized water is what they refer to as alkaline, containing low pH level, and huge amounts of hydroxyl ions and free electrons.

Based on its design, water ionizers should have been referred to as water electrolyzers, as their design allows the water molecules to be split into two separate atoms, that of hydrogen and oxygen, through the use of an electric current. During this procedure, the water goes right into either the anode or the cathode and becomes either acidic, if it goes near the anode, or alkaline if it goes near the cathode. Water ionizers will then extract the liquid near the cathode, to collect alkaline water. Experts believe that the process with water ionizers is somewhat debatable, as electrolysis requires a huge amount of power and time to be executed perfectly. Nevertheless, water ionizers still get positive reviews from customers who purchase it. Most importantly users of this machine believe that this low pH of drinking water has several health benefits when consumed.

Alkaline water benefits involve the following –

  • It is believed to slow down the aging process,
  • Strengthen the immunity,
  • Supply the body with more energy,
  • Prevents cancer
  • Improve the taste of food

Cancer prevention is believed to be the most important benefit one could have from drinking alkaline water, and according to the machine’s retailers and supporters, anti-oxidant properties are prevalent with alkaline water. A compound created by the use of the water ionizer prevents the free radical destruction of cells and its DNA by eliminating these destructive free radicals and keeping them to cause mutations that would lead to cancer. Another belief is that alkaline water benefits the heart and it can prevent heart diseases because the free radicals associated with generating cardiovascular failure is also neutralized by alkaline water. Water ionizers are also beneficial to the skin, as the low pH of drinking water causes it to spread antioxidants, making it look younger and removing wrinkles. It also kills skin bacteria, preventing pimples and acne breakouts. Finally, alkaline water is believed to be a flavor enhancer, partly because of its better tasting properties, and because of the process that it went through.

Generally speaking, water ionizers are beneficial and suitable for everyone’s homes. These devices are already out in the market, and everyone is raving about them. Hydrate Global offers the best water ionizers one can find, as it is affordable, and delivers all the benefits one could get from drinking alkaline water. Thousands have already purchased Hydrate Global Water Ionizers, and all of them ended up satisfied with using the product.

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