Looking To Start A New Business? Consider Drones!

So why drones?

Nowadays such a technical challenge as drones conquer the market and hearts of people more and more.


For someone they embody a dream of childhood about controllable planes, and for others they open new horizons closed before.

Those small (and not very small) flying machines now can reach places where only helicopters or birds could get before, or even where no one could get before them. They can:

–          fly around complex and dangerous constructions and nature objects,

–          approach imperceptibly

–          levitate on the same height for a long time

–          make photos and videos of great quality

–          follow you on the go

–          carry small packages

–          and even plant trees!

Ok, and where may drones be of use?

The area of drone application grows extremely fast – just imagine where an aerial photo may be needed, or where some researches from the air may be useful, or where it is necessary/possible to carry small packages by air – and you will understand where drones may be of help.

The most obvious application areas are:

–          Event photo and video shooting (wedding, corporate events etc)

–          Agriculture (tracking state of fields from the air)

–          Research and rescue campaigns

–          Inspection and examination of real-estate and buildings

Below are examples of unexpected (or quite rare) use of drones:

–          Journalism (just imagine a video reportage from a hot spot…)

–          Archaeology and geology (yes, drones may scan earth with thermal radars to detect special objects underground invisible otherwise).

–          Tracking animals in large reserves

–          Police and security (yes, there are drones now that hunt for other drones…)

–          Pizza delivery

–          Communication with isolated and unmonitored area

–          Providing internet connection (yes, Facebook is working at this now!).

There are much more cases when drones may be used – just look around!

Things to remember?

Well, there are several key points when starting business with a drone:

–          Please, choose the right drone model fitting your business needs. There is a great variety of drones on the market and each of them is intended for a specific area of use. Consult with experts!

–          Please check your country legislation regulating drones and flying vehicles in general – there may be very important restrictions you need to follow in order to keep your idea running!

–          Some countries will require you to get a special drone pilot license!

–          And definitely you will have to spend some time to learn how to fly with your drone. Don`t worry – many people already can do this and are ready to help!

Get ready?

Oh – one important thing!

Will your business require a software???

You may need either a software integrated with your drone API to manage it or data on it in some custom way, or you may need a software to help you in your business operations – or probably a friend of yours is looking to start a great online service and invites you to be his partner?

Click here – and get to the hub where software experts are ready to help!

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