Irish Craft And Countryside

Most who have visited Ireland speak about it being a unique place, filled with not only beautiful nature, but creative craftsmen as well. Kilkenny is one such place where crafts are at the center of the town’s trade and everyday life. Here are some of the crafts you will find being made on a daily basis.

Jerpoint Glass

Watching someone blow glass is mesmerizing. Watching particles transform into flowing, glowing material, and then back into a hard form is amazing to witness in person. Visitors can see the roaring furnaces and humming fans that make this process, possible, and watch as the craftsmen utilize these tools effortlessly to create dozens of different glass decorations.

Glass blowing has been an art for over 2000 years, and has become an intricate and highly skilled fine craft. True masters have not only figured out the process, but have also become alchemists, adding their own custom tactics to create coveted pieces. Jerpoint Glass in Kilkenny is exactly such as place.

When shopping for Irish gifts online, have a clear idea in mind of what you want to buy and why you want to buy it. A simple search using the words, “Irish gifts” will net you thousands of results that will take you directly to suppliers throughout the world. From these results you can get ideas of what to shop for and then conduct more specific searches based on the list of items you choose.

If you are looking for Irish gifts that truly reflect the customs and cultures of Ireland, research these by reading reputable Irish websites that will give you a glimpse into the interests and offerings of this fascinating country.

Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about Irish gifts for your friends and loved ones who have ties – familial or otherwise – to Ireland:

  • Shop for a tweed cap with an authentic look and feel. It’s easy to find caps made of new wool from county Donegal. These caps are soft, comfortable and represent the rugged Irish countryside. These are very popular Irish gifts.
  • Give the living gift of shamrocks that will allow your Irish gifts recipients to enjoy a bright spot of Ireland year round.
  • How about a Blackthorn Stick? These crooked walking sticks feature unique twists and curves and make good Irish gifts and conversation pieces.
  • Original Irish flags make excellent Irish gifts to those who honor Irish heritage.

Visiting Information

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