How Your Bad Habit Is Killing You

Addictions and bad habits do a number on the human body. You may think that your vice isn’t hurting anyone, but it is slowly killing you. Sure, everyone has to die sometime, but why continue doing something that is shortening the lifespan you could have?

How Your Bad Habit Is Killing You

Here are some of the common addictions and bad habits that people have and how they are ruining your life, and literally killing you. If you want to get help, there is also info on what to do to get free of your addictions.


Alcohol has many harmful effects on the body and has been known to literally kill people, It can kill fast and it can kill slowly. If you don’t believe it, look into alcohol poisoning and liver disease. Liver disease is a slow and painful killer, and even just one drink of alcohol can start having harmful effects on your liver.

If you suffer from alcohol addiction it’s wise to get help immediately. If you stop drinking before any permanent damage is done to your liver it can heal itself and you can extend your life expectancy. However, once any portion of your liver does it stays dead,


If you are a smoker, you are damaging your lungs beyond repair. Even if you don’t get cancer you can still get a myriad of other illnesses from this stinky and gross habit. Not only are you harming yourself, but you are also polluting the air of everyone breathing in your second-hand smoke, and you are increasing their risk of these illnesses as well.

There are plenty of assistance programs out there to help you stop smoking. Even hypnosis has worked for some people.


Drug addiction isn’t just about street drugs. You can get addicted to prescription drugs as well, or take them improperly and harm yourself. Even taking something as innocent as ibuprofen is causing damage to your liver over time.

If you can’t say no to drugs, consider checking yourself into rehab. Getting clean can increase your lifespan and help you better your life in many ways.


Food is necessary for life and for energy, but eating the wrong kinds of food and too much of it is definitely not a necessity. Eating too little is bad as well and can cause all sorts of issues, including kidney failure. If you want to live and eat healthier, start by reading the dietary recommendations put forth by the USDA.

When it comes to dietary issues and eating disorders, you definitely need to talk to your doctor. Therapy may be of great help to you and your health. Having a healthy relationship with food is all in your mindset and it is all about willpower. You can eat better if you really want to!

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