Before You Take The LSAT, Consider A Qualified Prep Course

If you’re thinking about law school, then you already know how much preparation will be involved. The first step towards this goal is taking the law school admission test, or LSAT, and putting together a solid application. You already have the undergraduate grades, and you’ve put in the professional hours at your Bay Street position — now you need the LSAT score to help push your application into the top percentile of consideration. As with any endeavour worth pursuing, you’ll need to prepare for the LSAT, as it can be a challenging test.

The benefits of an LSAT prep course are myriad, and there are a lot of options out there — but experts agree that a qualified prep course run by professional instructors who know the test inside and out is the best way to reach your LSAT score goals.

It’s a good idea to do some research on the exam so you know what you’ll be getting into — the LSAT official site explains that the test is comprised of five 35-minute sections, which also includes a writing sample at the end that does not contribute to the overall score but that can still be used by financial institutions to judge the merit of applicants.

You might already have a dream law school in mind, or perhaps you are still undecided, but the truth is that your LSAT score is the single biggest factor that determines your eligibility. A qualified test instructor can help you identify a realistic score goal and the help develop a study strategy for attaining that goal. If you live in Toronto, you might first feel that there are simply too many options to choose from. By going with a trusted prep course like Quantum Test Prep, you can book a free assessment, where you can talk with an instructor about your score result, your current skill set, and where to go from there.

Founded in Toronto in 2003, Quantum Test Prep is a leading provider of LSAT test prep, and their approach is based around a comprehensive understanding of the test itself: there is no “trick” or “game” for mastery of the test material. Rather, the Quantum approach recognizes that standardized tests ask standardized questions, based on standardized content, in a standardized format with standardized answers. Consequently, you should be taking a standardized approach to your test preparation.

Quantum instructors are experts in their field who have scored in the top 2-3 percentile on the exam. They teach you a standardized approach to the LSAT for answering all of the questions in each section of the exam. LSAT test prep is as much practical as it is psychological. It’s easy to psych yourself out stressing over getting the perfect score. Using a qualified prep course can help ease those fears.

You don’t have to prepare for the LSAT on your own. A qualified prep course saves you valuable time putting together your own study schedule and trying to fit preparing for the exam into your busy schedule.

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