The History Of Postcards and Why They Can’t Be Ignored At All

The postcard is a thick piece of paper or a rectangular cardboard box used for writing and shipping without envelopes. The cost of sending a postcard is cheaper than what is required for regular mail delivery.

Postcards are one of the many postal items collected by fans in different parts of the world. Postcards can be easily found in many countries, especially in countries that have many tourist spots. Disadvantages of this medium are the limited space to provide information, besides the recipient cannot send feedback.

The History Of Postcards and Why They Can’t Be Ignored At All

While the advantages are the shipping cost is relatively cheap, and the recipient is not required to open the envelope to read the post card. Postcards have a long history. The first postcard in the world was published in Austria on October 1, 1869 under the name Correspondenz-Karte. Postcards were usually sent by people when visiting abroad as a kind of memento that marks that they have been to the country. This card has originally served as a tool to share the moments experienced in a place. The popularity of the post cards gave rise to a science called deltiology. This is a science that deals with everything related to research and collection of postcards.

One of the first postal items launched on October 1, 1869 in Austria under the name Correspondez-Karte, on subsequent developments turned out not only to be a means of communicating, but also to be stored for exchange with similar objects or with other objects. After its birth, the use of postcards was not just to deliver a short message, but has become a collection of objects with an attractive appearance.

Now is the Internet era and most people in the world today communicate using online social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, WhatsApp, and so on. However, the existence of postcards cannot be ignored at all because the use of postcards tends to evoke nostalgia of the past where humans were not dependent on the existence of an Internet connection to communicate with each other.

Postcards can be designed to your liking. What you need is a service provider to create postcards and they can be found easily on the Internet. Use of some keywords like cheap printing, cheap postcards, postcards service, can help you to find what you are looking for.

To define your post cards, you need to specify some criteria, such as the thickness, the card materials used, the colors, and also the type of image used. It all affects how much cost you should spend. You can consult with your family or friends who have designed post cards but for more practical steps, you can contact some reputable post cards service providers. Make sure you choose the best post card service provider. You can contact cheap postcards printing to receive quality post cards at affordable prices. We hope by reading this short article, you can add your knowledge about post cards.

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