5 Unusual Ways To Use Fabric Softener

Did you know that a fabric softener, in addition to making our clothes softer and more comfortable, can be used for other purposes in your home. You will be surprised of the power that the fabric softener has. It is an incredible product that can do a lot of things for you. Every housewife finds it very hard to maintain the home clean all the time especially with small children. What you need to do is contact shawn gandhi realtor to get more information about real estate, regardless of whether it is about selling or buying a property.

5 Unusual Ways To Use Fabric Softener

But here some of the most effective and useful ways to use a fabric softener for household purposes:

Softener, as its name says, gives the clothes that special softness, but there are other five ways that you can use it and probably did not know about them.

  1. Refreshes the place – Fabric softener can be used as an air freshener. All you need to do is fill up a spray water bottle with water and softener (dilute it with water in ratio 1: 3). Use that liquid to spray the curtains, carpet and other fabrics that you want to give more pleasant odor. Also, you can use the same product to refresh your car. It will smell incredible.
  2. Eliminates static electricity –We all know that the dust quickly accumulates on TV or other plastic surfaces in a house or apartment. What you need is a few drops of undiluted fabric softener on a cloth to wipe dust from your TV and all other furniture and equipment. Fabric softener prevents creating electricity that attracts dust, and gives a pleasant smell.
  3. Makes the surfaces shiny and smooth – If you can’t find the right product for your furniture surfaces, the fabric softener is the right product for that. Again, what you need to do is put water and fabric softener in a spray bottle and spray on a dry cloth and wipe the dust. You can do a complete, deep cleaning of your entire home with that solution. Everyone will wonder what your secret is, and it is up to whether you will share it or not. If not, let it be your little secret.
  4. Removing old wallpaper was never easier – softener can easily remove old wallpaper off the wall. Just spray the surface with a mixture of water and fabric softener and let it sit for a few minutes. Then start peeling off, it should be very easy to do it.
  5. Softens brushes for painting –Have you been wondering how to soften your painting brushes? Well, there is an extremely easy way to do that. Simply use a fabric softener to make your brushes look like new. They will be soft, clean and ready to be used again. Dry them after washing, and they are ready.

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