How To Attract Positivity Into Your Life

There are plenty of books and films on the skill of attracting positivity into your life.  Some call it the law of attraction, others call it simply being positive.  Regardless of whatever you might call it, the results are the same.  Being positive in life doesn’t only mean that you are a happier person, but it can also significantly improve your health.

Studies show that people who practice looking on the brighter side of life on a regular basis have stronger relationships, better health, and a greater satisfaction in life. Here are some of the best ways to be a more positive person and enrich your life.

Always Imagine The Best Possible Outcome

Going through your day to day life with the belief that the best possible outcome will present itself means not dwelling on negative perceptions or possibilities.  Focus your thinking on imagining that all of the most favorable possibilities play out for you.  Imagine yourself getting that job, getting approved for a loan, and marrying the partner of your dreams.

In the ancient tradition of kung-fu, masters develop their tumbling skills by not looking at the ground when roll, but looking forward at where they want their bodies to end up at the end of the maneuver.  The same science can be applied to how you live your life.  Don’t focus your energy on the process, but instead, where you would like to be.  Your body and life will naturally go in that direction if you are focused on it.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Remember when your mom used to say. “You are who you hang out with!”  Unfortunately, we are going to have to go with your mom on this one.  There is a lot of credibility in the idea that the more you surround yourself with something, the more it will have an impact on you.

Therefore, surround yourself with people that practice optimism and compassion are naturally going to have an effect on you.  The same can be said for negativity.  If you spend time with people that are negative and practice negative behavior patterns then you will find yourself slumping into a less than pleasant attitude.

Treat Others How You Would Like To Be Treated

Practicing compassion and treating everyone else with the same patience and kindness that you would like for yourself is something that will not only have a positive impact on you but positive impact those around you as well.

If everyone in the world tried to see things from others perspectives the world would have a lot less conflict.  By being a more positive and patient person in your own life, you encourage others and give others permission to do and be the same.

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