Important Questions Employers Need To Ask When Choosing An E-Learning Platform

Training is an integral part of employee development. It is when employees are given adequate training that they acquire the skills they need to perform well in their designated roles. However, not all employers can say that they have enough budget for employee training and development. This is where e-learning platforms come in. With online courses, training employees have become much more affordable without sacrificing quality.

It is indeed amazing how the internet has made so many things more convenient and accessible for everyone, especially business owners. With the emergence of online training, employees can now acquire new knowledge and improve their skills without having to leave the office. But how do you ensure that the training course your employees take is the right one? Here are a few questions you need to ask when choosing an e-learning platform for your employees.

How Much Will It Cost?

If you are on a tight budget for employee training and development, this is the first question you will need to ask before you even consider any online training course. You will also need to know if the online course will just require a one-time fee or if there will be a monthly subscription fee involved. Also inquire what is covered in the cost, such as IT support and troubleshooting.

What Features Does the Online Training Course Offer?

Check the online course’s curriculum and see if it utilizes various media that will keep your employees interested in the training. Generally, a mix of videos, reading materials, graphs, and infographics are ideal to keep employees engaged in the course, making learning easier and interesting for them.

Is the Online Course Cloud-Based?

While most online training courses are entirely cloud-based, there are those that will require a software to be installed. In case the online course you are interested in will require this, ask if they will be doing this on your behalf or if you will have to do this on your own.

How Are Updates Managed?

Are the updates handled by the online platform’s admin, or will your IT team be the ones to manage these? Will you have the flexibility to upload additional content when needed? Can you customize the courses for your employees?

How is Progress Tracked?

Does the e-learning platform’s features include the capability to track your employee’s progress? How will this information be recorded and reported? Will the online tests be able to accurately determine an employee’s knowledge and skill sets?

Do You Meet the System Requirements?

You will need to see if your internet bandwidth will be able to support multiple users. Another thing to consider is your computers’ capability to meet the minimum requirements needed for the platform to run smoothly.

Having a limited budget does not mean that you should have to compromise the quality of training that you provide your employees. Remember that the online training course is an investment, and it is important that, at the end of the training, you are able to benefit from this investment through better performance, increased productivity, and better skilled employees who are happy to have completed a worthwhile training course.

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