What are the Stages of a Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement is a serious and demanding task that requires professionals to handle the whole process. However, it is still important for the homeowner to be familiar with the stages of a roof replacement to know where to start when contacting a roof contractor, and to be able to understand how long the process would be considering there are a number of stages to be done.

The following items are the different stages of a roof replacement job to serve as your guide.

Protection of Properties

Before the roof replacement begins, the walls, porch, plants and other parts of your house will be covered with tarps to protect them from any damage. This will not only ensure that your properties will be saved from falling debris but it will also speed up the cleaning process after the whole replacement is done.

Removal of the Existing Roof

The next stage is the removal of the old roofing materials off the wood deck of your house. This is also the time to inspect the roof bed if there are any cracks or holes that need to be repaired before the installation of the new roof. Old nails may also be replaced to guarantee that the deck is sturdy and durable enough.

Installation of the Drip Edge

For this phase, a drip edge is installed to prevent rainwater from getting into the roofing material or to avoid any possible leakage. This is an important step because it makes your new roof more resilient.

Installation of the Roofing Underlayment

After the installation of drip edge, it is also important to place ice and water shield to the roof surface. This is a waterproof layer that safeguards your roof from any moisture build-up that may compromise your roof’s integrity. Installing such roofing underlayment makes the replacement job hard-wearing and weatherproof. A roofing felt must also be applied to the roof bed in order to avoid shingles to stick to the wood deck.

Installation of the New Shingles

Because all of the things needed to prepare the roof’s surface are already accomplished, the next stage would be the installation of the new shingles of your choice. This may take a while depending on the size of your roof or the complexity of your roof’s structure.

Cleaning Up and Final Inspections

After the installation of your new roofing material, worry not because the cleanup process will be done by your roof contractor. There may still be debris that may be harmful to you and your family that needs to be cleared by a professional. Moreover, before contractors will finally declare that the roof replacement is over, they will still conduct inspections to make sure everything is all set.

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