The New Phobia Girl, Radhika Apte Took The Right Step

Well the movie in which she is charged has been recently one of the most thrilling and exciting movie (as per the trailer).Rather than coming up with a new comic monstrosities guess her debut with Phobia is to be a chilling experience.

A flick of the movie

The movie is itself revealing a lot about the movie’s theme.. The movie is set in an empty apartment where sudden and unrealistic things take place. Well the two toughest acting is one to shake of someone’s legs with fear and second to make them laugh and Radhika Apte has definitely worked hard that the movie Phobia seems to pull off the pizzazz performance with a huge ado subplot.

Check out Some Hot Picture of Radhika Apte  in Phobia

Also the shaky things that the apartment was surrounded with a blood filled bath tub, cracked mirrors, same old nosy noise and a woman inside it suffering from trauma, which made her phobic, led her to agoraphobia.

The danger seems to be inside that stops her from going outside as the evil lurks inside. The director Kripalani, who has also directed the scary movie Ragini MMS this time will he seen delivering a smart edged movie which keeps us all in spooky fest.

Watch The trailer of New Movie Phobia

Radhika Apte seems to rock in the movie, well the movie is less to be appraised here as people are ordinarily in a click of something romantic or comic but we hope she gets in the queue list of critics. Also the phobia girl has a lot more to reveal and we must look at her bold and sexy figure which has literary been hidden in the movie bit we bring you the hottest and the fresh collection directly from the Instagram and other social media website. Till then keep on sharing and commenting on This Site.