Snoring And Its Ill Effects

Doctors claim that snoring may be the early sign of greater health issues. This sounds pretty much hypothetical, but this article explains five common consequences of snoring that can lead to greater health risks. Taking snores lightly is not suggested by any of the fitness experts or doctors. It’s the time to distance you from snores.

Snoring is just not taking away your partner’s comfortable sleep but also harming your health silently. However, even before you question your doctor or think about how do you stop snoring, you must understand that it can turn into much more serious if not answered in time. Here are five severe situations or diseases that you might catch if you don’t stop snoring.

1) Stroke:

A recent analysis of the snoring process revealed that the intensity of snoring is related to the contraction of arteries in the neck region due to deposits of fatty acids, the result can be a stroke. Therefore the physicians suggested that the louder you snore, the more are the chances of you having a stroke in future.

2) Heart Disease:

Doctors claim that people with sleep apnea and snoring problems are more prone to cardiovascular problems, blood pressure and coronary artery diseases hence leading to more chances of a heart attack. Clinical treatment and studies have proved that stopped snoring or sleep apnea with Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) diminishes the chances of a heart-related disease or heart attacks.

3) Mental Issues:

There is a well-established link between snoring, sleep apnea and depression, which means there are higher chances of depression if the person is not able to stop snoring and somehow not able to take a comfortable and continuous sleep. Another recent study showed the more you feel sleepy in the daytime, the heavier are the chances of mild depression and anxiety.

4) Reduced sexual satisfaction:


A recent study of a few men showed that the snorers were not much satisfied with their sexual life even though there were no signs of sexual illness after clinical analysis. On the other hand, the non-snorers were satisfied with their sexual life to a greater extent as compared to snorers. Many people are so badly affected with the snoring that they have lost the desire of having intimate relations with their spouses. This shows that how snoring can affect you in various health issues, and degrade the quality of your life.

5) Obesity and Overweight:

Obesity is the most common problem that can be related to snoring as well. 50% of the overweight people are regular snorers, as mentioned in an interview with a health expert. The reason why overweight people snore is that the fat is collected around the neck portion, making it harder to breathe at night. The reverse is also valid; reducing your weight can also result in eradication of your snoring problems as well. If you are overweight and a snorer, then it is the time to talk to lose a few pounds for a better sleep. This will be a single solution to giving you a slimmer look and your spouse a silent and healthy sleep.

These five ill effects show that snoring is just not causing others but also us in many ways. Some of the preventive measures like nasal sprays can provide us a better health and a snore-less sleep.

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