Famous Celebrities Who Passed Away This Year

A lot of celebrities died this year.  We grieve for the families and hope they recover soon.  Some deaths in America are cause by wrongful actions of others.  If this has happened to your family, you might consider contacting Page Law for the legal advice and assist your family would need. These celebrities did great things for the good of the world, and we will miss them a lot. We also hope that you read this article from top to bottom so you can know more about them.

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds died this year, which is a shame. She passed away just a day after her daughter died. Mrs. Reynolds suffered a heart attack and she died right way. A lot of people loved this celebrity, and they will miss the strong and beautiful presence of this woman these days too. Debbie Reynolds performed in big stages with famous figures such as Frank Sinatra, and she gained a lot of popularity right away. She had a lot of talent, and a lot fans love her role in the famous movie Singing in the Rain. She played an important role in this amazing moving picture in 1952, and you should watch this amazing movie to have fun right away.

Carrie Fisher, Richard Adams, George Michael

Carrie Fisher just feel ill in an airplane. She passed away peacefully in Los Angeles, United States. Mrs. Fisher was also a famous author that loved writing, and she made a lot of contributions to important films in Hollywood including Lethal Weapon 3. Richard Adams died, and he was 96 when he passed away. He is the author of the famous Watership Dow. This is one of the top selling children books of all time, and the story was also made into a famous cartoon in the 70s. George Michael passed away this year, and he sold around 80 million records in his short artistic career. Careless Whisper is his most famous song too.

Liz Smith, Rick Parfitt

Liz Smith is a famous actress who died year too. She played an important role in a comedy series called the Royle Family, and she also had tons of fans who loved how she did her job. Mrs. Smith played a famous character in this series called Nana. She suffered a stroke in 2009, and she decided to stop acting after this event. Rick Parfitt also died this year. He was a famous rocker that worked in the famous Status Quo band. He died in Spain at a hospital, according to his manager. Mr. Parfitt almost died of a heart attack on stage a month before he died in Europe. He was brought back to life on that occasion because of the efforts of some medics.

Piers Sellers

Piers Sellers died this year at the age of 61. He flew on many space shuttle mission from 2002 to 2010. NASA said that Piers Sellers just died in Texas of a pancreatic cancer. He wanted to fly into space from his childhood, and he could achieve his dream in the NASA. Mr. Sellers also wrote a great article about this now famous cancer diagnosis for the newspaper The New York Times. He was also featured in a climate change documentary made by Leonardo DiCaprio. This celebrity wanted to spend most of his last days fighting for his family in the important cause of climate change, which is awesome for the world and each one of us.

Remember that these celebrities did a lot of good things for us, and we need to take their lives as an example of hard work, tenacity, and perseverance. They became famous and made the world become a better place just because they lived here, and we are grateful that they did so.

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