Best 4 Cities in India to Take an Office Space on Rent

Co-working spaces are a hit among many start-ups and freelance professionals. These cost-effective office spaces ensure a number of facilities and a vibrant atmosphere to work at reasonable prices. If you are looking for options for office spaces on rent, here are the best Indian cities for you to consider:

  1. Bengaluru: By now, it is a renowned fact that Bengaluru is not just the IT hub in India, but also the cradle of many start-ups. Every year, a significant number of people move to Bengaluru to look for work opportunities. If your search on Google is more Bangalore-specific, you will see search options such as ‘office space for rent in Koramangala, ‘work-cafes in Indira Nagar’ etc. There are many places in Bengaluru where you can find co-working spaces for as low as INR 5000 a month. The posh the location and higher the price, the more will be the price you would need to shell out.
  1. New Delhi: The space crunch in Delhi has resulted in a massive surge in the prices of commercial properties. Hence, co-working spaces are a great option to get an amenity-laden place to work in Delhi. Though, there are options to buy property in adjoining regions such as Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad; reaching to offices located at these places could be a real task if it is too far from the nearby metro station. On the other hand, more than half of the office-locations within Delhi are well-connected by metro, bus and other modes of public transport.

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  1. Chennai: Apart from manufacturing, automobile and engineering-products related industries; the rise success of start-up culture in Chennai has made it a preferred destination to take a co-working space on rent. Other than this, less congestion in terms of traffic (as compared to Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai), ease of doing business, low crime rate which makes it a safer city for women employees and job-stability are some of the other reasons why it makes sense to take an office space on rent in Chennai. In fact, According to the India Skills Report published in 2016, Chennai is the third most preferred destination to work in India.

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  1. Mumbai: Every day, hundreds of people aspiring to work in the entertainment and fashion industry come to Mumbai, ‘the city of dreams.’ Out of these, those with a specialisation in creative fields such as writing do need a space where they neither get too relaxed (for example, at home) nor there should be place where a strict regimen is followed. Further, most struggling writers cannot afford to buy a separate cabin in an office building. This is where co-working spaces come into picture. A quirky and vibrant workplace may help creativity flow more easily. Other than the entertainment industry, Mumbai too is home to many start-ups, hence the growing demand for co-working spaces in the city.

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