What’s In Store With Apple’s iOS 10.2

The beta period is now over, though it was oddly long. Apple has finally released the updated iOS 10.2 for everyone and the greatest attraction is that it comes with lots and lots of new emojis.

What's In Store With Apple's iOS 10.2

One Ton Emojis

The iOS 10.2 has come up with some new emojis like Clown Face, Drooling Face, Sneezing Face, Pregnant Woman, Selfie, Shopping Trolley and Juggling. It is learned Apple has added such 100 new emojis.

Television App

Apple has introduced a fresh new TV app too in the updated iOS 10.2 as it was earlier rumored and awaited. It is in fact a next-gen TV guide for the streaming generation by pulling up listings from services like Netflix. Selecting a TV show or movie will open up the related app of its own to start streaming on demand.

Single Sign-On

This new feature will help automatic signing in different apps like Showtime Anytime or HBO Go. User simply need to login in a new “TV Provider” section in the Settings app and the compatible apps will start pulling credentials from there instead of asking for login separately and repeatedly.


Apple has added some new cool wallpapers too in the updated iOS 10.2 app.

New Screen Effects In Messages

Gone are the days of third-party stickers in Messages app of the iDevice giant. The screen effects are still cool. Apple has revived it in the iOS 10.2 with two new ones. One is called “love” and is seen inflating a big heart. The other is “celebration” and fills the entire screen with sparklers.

Apart from all these, Apple has made some improvements and fixes too like the Bluetooth performance is now better and connectivity with third-party accessories has been improved.

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