Understand The Features Of Scala With Scala Course

What the course is about?

In this course, the participants will learn about the basic foundations of the Scala language. This helps the learners to know how to tackle data analysis problems. This course involves the training of big data, Scala and Spark.

From these Scala classes, the participants will get a basic understanding of the fundamentals of the Scala language. Also, the participants will learn about the tooling and the development process. At the end of this class, the participants will be able to develop a good appreciation of more advanced features.

Understand The Features Of Scala With Scala Course

This course provides the participants the operational uses of Scala language and its applications. From this course, the participants will learn how to write programming in the Scala language and to debug it. The candidates will also have hands-on training and practices on Scala projects. This will help them to build extensive coding and to get a solid hold on Scala principles.

This Scala training course will teach the candidates the Scala object oriented programming, which is most important for the programmers. This will help them to gain more knowledge in the Scala platform. In order to fully leverage this powerful Scala tool, candidates must learn about its advanced concepts such as Scala’s type system, implicit and advanced functional programming.

This course is meticulously designed to provide the participants the knowledge about how to create well-designed DSLs.

What the participants will learn?

The candidates will learn the following from this Scala Course in Sanfrancisco

  • A basic Introduction to Scala
  • How to create a Scala document
  • How to create a Scala project and how to work with it
  • Learn about the basics of Scala language and its uses
  • Learn about the general aspects of the functional programming
  • How to write their own Scala code
  • How to test the Scala code
  • Understand about the concepts of Scala such as scoping, function calls, mutable and immutable data etc
  • The Scala REPL
  • About the Scala documentation
  • Understand Scala and its uses and aspects of the object functional approach
  • Learn the advanced features of Scala and its type system and their uses
  • Learn about implicit and type classes
  • Understand how to create libraries and DSLs with scala

Who can take this course?

The targeted audiences for this course are,

  • Developers
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Persons those who have experience in Java or any other object oriented language
  • Persons those who had a prior knowledge in Python or Java language

This course can also be done by Scala programmers who wish to learn the advanced features of Scala. This course focuses a lot on hands-on coaching and this is a perfect course for learning about the Scala programming and its concepts.

What are the prerequisites?

Participants are expected to have the following prerequisites.

  • Understanding about the basic Scala concepts
  • Have hands-on experience in Scala programming

The requirements are not mandatory, but it would be better and helpful if candidates have those things.


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