Selling Your Home Quickly To Cash Property Buyers

If you are planning to sell your home or any other estate, you need to choose either hiring an estate agent or selling it directly to cash property buyer. In case, you don’t require instant cash in hand, you can think of selling the property through an agent, who usually takes around 4 months to one year for finalizing the entire process.

Selling Your Home Quickly To Cash Property Buyers

However, in case you want to sell your property quickly since you are moving abroad or you are in need of immediate cash to meet your financial needs, you should look for a cash property buyer.

Reason to Sell Your Property to Cash Buyer

  • Instant Release of Cash

In case, you have instant requirement of cash, then you should seek a cash property buyer. A cash property buying company will buy your house within a week’s time and therefore, you can meet your financial requirements easily.

For completing this, a property evaluation will be fixed by the property buying company and a contract proposal will be given to you within one day. After that, it doesn’t take more than a week for the finalization of the contract, unless you require more time from your side.

You can have a look at discounts and offers given by various cash property buying companies and can pick a suitable option accordingly. For example, you can visit for such attractive deals.

  • Fixed Price

One major benefit of selling your home to cash property buyers is that it gets sold at a fixed price. This ensures you getting a pre-determined amount, which is much better in comparison to a chain sale where prospective buyers try dropping the price.

Besides this, in cash property sale, you receive a final proposal after your property’s valuation. This way, you can get your money in not more than a week’s time.

In few cases, cash home buyers provide better net results in comparison to what you get while dealing with an estate agent. Moreover, there are very few incidents of low valuation.

  • No Chain Property Sale

In case, you opt for selling your property through a cash property buyer, there is no chain involved. Henceforth, you don’t need to wait for purchaser to auction his house first and then buy your property; instead you can sell your property instantly.

In case of chain sale, if one person backs out, the chain gets broken and the whole process needs to be initiated again. This risk doesn’t exist in cash property sale.

  • Less fee

Fee of estate agents depend upon the contract, but usually it’s about 2-3% of the contract value. On the other hand, in case of cash property sale there are no such charges involved i.e. legal fees, valuation costs and agency fee don’t exist.


Hence, the final choice is up to you i.e. whether you want to go with inflated values of the estate agents or quick and easy cash access of cash property buyers.

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