How To Climd A Best Seller List?

The most important thing for a writer is that he/she would want their book to be a bestseller. Hitting the bestseller lists clearly shows that the book has a huge impact on everyone. Bestsellers are not all about money and fame, but most of all it’s about making an impact on society.

Here are some methods you can opt for hitting the bestseller list:


The most essential factor to keep in mind while writing a bestseller is the platform. It is the author’s ability to promote their book. It takes time to build a platform but it’s worth the wait.

Decide which genre writing works best for you

You should write the book in the genre you are comfortable with. If you like crime and mystery novels and are really passionate about them, then you should probably write the book relating to that genre. However, if you’re flexible, then you can try other genres too.

Prepare your characters

You should imagine the profile and background of the protagonist and other important characters in your mind beforehand. It makes it easier to write the book afterwards.

Take notes all the time

Carry a pen and notebook with you at all times, so whenever a brilliant idea pops to your mind, you can write it down immediately so you won’t forget adding it to your book.

Find the time to write

Not all people can afford to be novelists as it requires a lot of time and there is no source of income. So, utilize whatever time you have, for example, you can write while you’re traveling home from work or vice-versa, or during lunch and after dinner and on weekends and vacations.

How To Climd A Best Seller List

Be focused

If you want your book to be great, you should be truly focused. You have to utilize as much time you have and there is no space for procrastination.

Ask others to review your book

Is your book interesting, entertaining, gripping and useful? Don’t hesitate to ask others. The more reviews you ask for, the better it will be.

Set a deadline

Set a deadline for the completion of your book so that you don’t get lazy and start procrastinating. If you miss it various times, set more deadlines. Eventually, you’d start taking it seriously and finish the book in time.

A unique title

Come up with a catchy title that relates to the book and is easily understandable too, yet unique. Put some effort into the title alone so that it’s mind-blowing but don’t waste all your time on it.

Technical Aspects

– Active Voice

The writer should write most of the book in active voice. It helps the reader to relate more to the story.

– Show, don’t tell

The writer should be able to express the character’s feelings by describing his actions, not by simply telling the reader. For example, “Brian became nervous” is “telling”. “Brian’s hands trembled” is “showing”.

– Do not rush the scene

The writer should give more attention to the scenes which sound rushed. By adding a little more detail and texture, the scene won’t seem too rushed and would be more interesting.

– Read it out loud

If you are not so sure if the dialog seems natural, then read it out loud to yourself. It’s the best way to make sure of that. Also you can detect your text on plagiarism on Edusson platform.

Choose a publishing method

After you’ve completed the book, decide how you will publish the book. There are many ways, such as a renowned publisher, publishing e-books or online blogs. Choose the publishing method wisely and then wait patiently for your book to make it to the bestsellers list.

This article was written by Edusson writer Bill Kollins.

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