Choosing The Best Toothbrushes For Stockings This Year

It can’t be overstated just how great Toothbrushes are for stocking stuffers at Christmas. They are compact enough to fit in any stocking, plus it’s an item that everyone needs and will surely be put to good use. Most people don’t know that toothbrushes should be replaced every three months, so you may very likely help someone out with a replacement toothbrush that could be long overdue.

But how do we go about picking the best toothbrush? Choosing a great toothbrush is not a decision to be taken lightly – after all, you’ll be using it pretty often and it has a very important job! So we’ve put together a few pointers on how to go about buying a great toothbrush that everyone on your list will be happy to receive this Christmas.

Toothbrushes in general are pretty straightforward, although there is still quite a bit of variety among them if you look around. But as long as it works well, feels comfortable and isn’t overly expensive, you’re likely to be happy with your toothbrush. Of course the true test will come when you start using it, and eventually you may find a favorite type or brand that you enjoy.

Choosing The Best Toothbrushes For Stockings This Year


First and foremost, you want a toothbrush that does its job efficiently. Electric toothbrushes tend to excel in the efficiency department more so then their non-powered counterparts. However, many good regular toothbrushes exist that can still clean your teeth and gums effectively without any motors or moving parts.

Look for toothbrushes that have good grips for optimum control and bristles with patterns designed for cleaning both teeth and gums effectively. Try to avoid toothbrushes that seem to have frayed or loose bristles.


Having a comfortable toothbrush is equally important to its effectiveness. The reason comfort is so crucial is because you’re less likely to enjoy brushing your teeth with an uncomfortable brush, and that’s a gateway to bad brushing habits. If your toothbrush doesn’t feel right in your hands, if you can’t get a good grip on it, or you can’t control it properly, you’re likely to cut corners on your brushing technique.

Furthermore, the bristles need to be soft and springy. If the bristles feel abrasive or it hurts to brush your teeth, you may once again find yourself dreading the dental hygiene routine you need to follow.

Most motorized toothbrushes have a good balance of comfort and efficiency. If you choose a powered brush, try to find one with variable speeds so that whoever uses it can pick a setting that’s most comfortable. Some people may enjoy a high speed clean, while others prefer a slower massage.


As long as you find a toothbrush that works well and feels comfortable, the only other factor that may help you settle on a particular product is the price. Motorized toothbrushes are typically more expensive than regular non-powered brushes, but they also usually last much longer. Furthermore, you may be able to find a good deal on a powered toothbrush that features a replaceable head.

This type of motorized toothbrush will likely represent the best value, so long as the battery in the brush is rechargeable. Still, a good motorized brush can be had for less than $15 if you shop around. There’s nothing wrong with a regular brush though, and there

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