Why Choosing The Right Accessories For Sarees Is Important?

Do you still have that ladies kurti in your wardrobe, which you sometimes wear as an emergency option because of your inability to buy perfect accessories with the new saree, which you have kept delicately in your wardrobe?  It is time to get rid of that kurti because we are here to help you in choosing the right accessories for your saree.

Choosing a perfect set of accessories along with your saree can shape the already forming opinion about you in people’s mind. They will either make you an inspiring goddess or a woman with no sense of style. A woman wearing a correct pair of earrings with her saree not only would appear to people as an inspiration but also, she would come across as an intelligent lady. While choosing for an accessory to go with your saree, you must take care of those tiny yet important accessories, which have always succeeded in making an inspiration including the bindi, color of your nailpaint, or your choice of bangles.

Three points which we think should be kept in mind while you start choosing accessories for that new saree, you bought recently—

  • Choice of accessories should match with your saree, which further should match with the occasion-

A large number of accessories can be found offline as well as online; you should just know how to choose properly. When you decide to wear a particular saree for an occasion, you should also put the effort in matching the saree with the accessories you are planning to wear. If you don’t follow this rule of matching and wearing, then you will definitely end up attracting wrong attention as well as whisperings.

  • Selection of saree should be according to your complexion—

Choice of right saree depends solely on your skin-tone. With complexions, come sarees, and with sarees come matching accessories and therefore, complexion does matter in deciding the right accessory for you:

  • For Dark tone:

We should advice such complexion bearing ladies to choose jewellery carefully and always try to wear minimum or if necessary only light-weight ones where ear-rings, nose-pins or nose-rings will do the job perfectly.

  • For Wheatish tone:

For this complexion, medium, as well as light jewellery work well, and you can always complete your look with a round bindi. Yes! Perfect.

  • For Fair tone:

With dark colors work beautiful and intricately designed chains or necklaces, and as dark colors work best with fair skin, then the accessories will too.

  • Choice of accessories in accordance with your bodytype:

If you have a petite body, then long and thin necklaces would work perfectly for you, which you can further match with a rectangular or square bag, high-heeled stilettos or peep-toes. If you are of medium or say a rectangular body shape, then there are no restrictions on you for choosing accessories, because you are perfect to use any type, though buying those accessories which will bring more attention to your neck, face or hips, will be highly appreciated.

And at last, if you have a heavy body, then the best choice for you is any type of light-weight jewelry, or a long pendant necklace will look fine too. You can also match your saree with a tote handbag.

So now, we believe you have all the knowledge which you have wanted to know about, and we hope that now you can easily get matching accessories for your new saree, which is still hidden in your wardrobe.

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