The Various Benefits Of Using Wood Fuel

There are multiple gasses released in the surrounding when fuel is burned to generate energy. There is no doubt in the fact that it impacts the environment including climate change to a great extent, but the most crucial of all is the carbon dioxide emission which is already present in the surrounding. This gas absorbs and then emits the infrared waves from the sunlight. This prevents the heat from radiating to space and this is what makes the temperatures rise on the land. The increase in carbon dioxide in the environment will ultimately contribute to climate change.

There are a number of environmental as well as economical benefits associated with wood fuel. There are many people who have started using the Ecostrat logs to save the earth and produce energy. Below mentioned are the plus points that you should know related to the environment:

  • Renewable: In case the wood is managed properly, for instance, trees are planted at higher or even similar rate, and then wood is a resource that is available in plenty locally. Thus, wood can be certainly used to produce energy. Most countries have woodland stocks in order to support the supply of wooden fuel.
  • Hygienic: when compared to fossil fuels, the sulfur dioxide emissions are a lower from the wood fuel boilers. These emissions are the cause of acid rain. Other than this, the emission of a number of other types of air pollutants and nitrogen dioxide is lower when compared to coal fuel.
  • Resourceful: the biomass combustion system that is available today is highly sophisticated. The system is made with the latest technology and this is why it is more than 90% efficient.
  • A big benefit to the wood lands: The forestry commission of most countries has revealed that most of the wood land is not managed or undermanaged. When people use wood fuel, it provides the country with an economic motivation to manage the lands as well as create new. This will benefit the nature to a great extent like reduction in soil erosion, reduction in floods, biodiversity etc.
  • Simple process: there are a lot of people who think that wood fuel is expensive and also a tedious procedure. The woodlands do not have any type of fertilizers and also the harvesting process of the wood chip is simple and does not require a lot of resources such as chemicals, water, and the likes. All that is needed are energy to supply them power and the machinery.

Below mentioned are the economic benefits that you should know:

  • Boosts local economy: when the wood fuel market is successful then it can improve local economy to a great extent by providing jobs to the people that include land management, tree work, retail and transportation. This benefits a lot to the rural economy of the region.
  • Boosts global economy: there is no need for you to make use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, unlike the biodiesel production that requires a lot of chemicals. With the use of biomass wood, the price of the food is not impacted globally.
  • Not very expensive: one reasonable substitute to fossil fuels is biomass wood. The expense of the burning system is balanced by the availability of the fuel as well as government support. Most countries support biomass.
  • Consistent products: in order to provide high-quality products consistently, international standards as well as schemes support to guarantee quality products every time.

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