How Technology Is Improving The Concert Experience

Even in the digital age, live entertainment retains an allure that can’t be denied. The goal of many technology companies has recently been to try and combine the power of digital entertainment with the presence and crowd appeal of a live performance. The results have been occasionally brilliant and quite often more than a little thought-provoking. Here are some of the most interesting examples.

Digital Mirrors

It’s no secret people love to see themselves on screens, especially at a celebratory event where they can show off their enthusiasm for the featured act. With new technology capable of controlling and coordinating multiple electronic devices at once, concert venues can now capture and combine participatory audiences much more easily and present captured video and images to the entire venue through the use of high definition video screens.

Even more interesting than the simple “fan cam” approach is for venues to dovetail their offerings from the growing popularity of selfies and social media sharing. It is a trivial matter for on-site IT infrastructure to combine pictures of fans with images of the performance itself.

What could be better than being pictured in the audience alongside a fan’s favorite performer? Further, what could be better than having that image shared venue-wide and then worldwide on social media? Would it be the ultimate selfie? Could be!

Audience Lighting

Getting the audience involved in a live performance, whether it is a film, sporting event or a concert, has long been viewed as one of the best ways to maximize the appeal of the featured act. Now, with venue-wide technology options like per-audience-member lighting, the ability of the individual to become part of the overall experience has never been more accessible.

Companies like Xylobands are now able to equip each audience member with a wearable LED radio-controlled wristband or other device which responds either to the wearer or a central control module to provide a wide variety of fascinating visual effects. When these are played back to an audience, the results can be electrifying, no pun intended.

Fast Wireless

Since most venues know the Internet is the ultimate fan-participation platform, and that the network effects of a large audience add value all on their own, it is no secret the best way to improve the fan experience is to provide the entire audience with the best possible connectivity.

Leaving aside the commercial opportunities available to a venue hosting thousands of enthusiastic customers, making certain the featured act and the venue itself can benefit from the social media publicity is crucial to capturing all possible value from gathering a cheering crowd in one place.

As concert events evolve, there can be no doubt the combination of live entertainment and all the possible ways digital technology can enhance the experience will continue to improve. The key is to make the value of the enhancements an additional benefit to being there, and to make the technology as weightless and easy to use as possible. This, combined with popular acts and high energy presentations, is the best way to make sure everyone has a good time.

The Xylobands USA technology team come from 35 years of experience and are simply the best.  From TLC Creative, their expertise will not only provide you with exceptional ideas for how to make your event stunning and memorable, but they will take the stress out, knowing that their experience, reliability and dedication will kick in to be sure everything goes off as you envision.

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