Best Picked Flowers For Splendid Valentine’s Day In Chennai

There is very little time left and the world is gearing up for the Valentine’s Day celebration mood to accord new dimension to the love relationship. The flowers are integral part of the gifting and dating culture on this big day. Year after year, the large rose bouquets, though in different arrangements create monotony in many recipients. How to experiment with special flowers for Valentine’s Day in Chennai to achieve a variance? If you are looking forth to explore some magnificent alternative ideas and want to go experimenting with exotic floral assortments, here are some ideas to draw an inspiration.

heart of valentine

Carnation Basket

Carnations can be a great choice for those in their early stage of a relationship. If you are hesitant enough to say it with great imposition, go for red carnations instead of red roses. They are available in several colors so you can even go for a mix and match bouquets. You can try pink, white and yellow carnations with red ones. The widespread availability, long lasting freshness and affordable prices make these blossoming flower species considerable for the occasion.

French Tulips in a Crystal Vase

The Tulips have large stems and stay fresh for some days when kept in water. They are very refreshing to the eyes bestowing a soothing effect on the mind. If you want to break the tradition of red flowers, go for magenta, pink or yellow.

Mixed Bouquet Arrangements

The mixed flower bouquets are highly in demand for the Valentine’s Day flowers to Chennai due to exquisite looks and the variance in the aromatic appeal. They are affordable and look extremely wonderful when paired with your heartfelt gifts. You can experiment with some red roses combined with pink Stargazer lilies, white tuber roses, budding white lilies, white Freesia etc. The combination of two or more wisely paired color combinations will clear off the monotony of entire red rose bouquet.

Casa Blanca Lilies

Lilies are available in several vibrant colors including orange and red. They are highly considered ideal for dating events owing to the strong sweet fragrance. If you are choosing, red or orange lilies do pair them with the white oriental lilies. This is even more preferable for those on a Valentine’s dinner date or party. The sweet aroma is sure to create magic and prepare the right ambiance for the occasion.

Pink Roses

It is very hard to take your eyes off the densely arranged Rose bouquets. You can go with pink or orange ones this time to create a variation. While roses have a soft cologne effect, you can go experimental with different colors and bouquet sizes.

The red roses for ages have been the perfect representation of genuine, heartfelt emotions of those in love. However, you can very well break the convention of roses with any other red Valentine’s Day flowers including carnations, Gerbera and other beautiful exotic species with sweet fragrance to create the same magic with distinctive refinement.

valentine hearts

The Final Thoughts

The abovementioned ideas are only few unlimited options to try. The array is endless when it comes to adopting a creative approach in making your own customized bouquet or vase arrangement. Red is undoubtedly the color symbolizing of love and passion. The mix and match of red flowers with some white carnations, lilies, orchids or Gerbera can also revoke a charming essence to rejuvenate the mood.

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