5 Ways To Up Your Game With Gadgets and

In the game of life, there’s always room for improvements. And sometimes that means embracing the culture of gadgets and gizmos, and just going with the flow. Whatever your personality type, whatever your career, whatever your hobbies, whatever part of the romantic journey you find yourself in, there’s always ways to improve your personal standing.

Five examples to move your mind in the right direction are golf rangefinders to fix your sports game, kitchen gadgets to up your cooking skills, exercise wearables to function as your coaching staff, a shock bracelet to remind you to be your best self, and wake-up systems to help with your morning hours.

Golf Rangefinders

Golf is an extremely difficult sport. It’s awkward. And frustrating. But one way to easily up your game on a whim is to buy a rangefinder. This is technology’s answer to the caddie. You don’t have to have numbers in a book anymore – you just have to get the right rangefinder for your situation, point toward the target, follow instructions, and shoot for the moon, or a hole in one, whichever comes first.

In the Kitchen

Not a great cook? Be a better one through technology. Buy some kitchen gadgets. Learn to use them. Allow them to work their magic. Pay for the opportunity to have perfectly boiled eggs, perfectly chopped vegetables, or perfectly cooked meat. Exchange your money for skills, and call it a day. Not everyone is going to be the best naturally-occurring chef, but everyone can surround themselves with enough gadgets to do a workable job at it.

Exercise Wearables

An interesting addition to the up-your-game game is the introduction of wearable exercise analyzers into the consumer realm. Research the available wearables, decide which ones most fit with your desire to bridge your current self with your best self, and double down on your efforts. Something as simple as a watch could be the life changing technology that you need.

Shock Yourself Into Better Habits

A super interesting new product line to hit the market is a watch that shocks you. It’s a simple as that. You pair it with an app, and you set up a string of variables, so that when you do something you don’t want – like overeat, or smoke for instance – you tell the wristwatch to hit you with some electricity. Talk about a new way to tap into self-control!

Wake-Up Systems

Mornings are particularly difficult for some people. Which is why to have your best day, sometimes you have to start with your best wake-up conditions; and gadgets are definitely here to help you. One popular one is a light that has the same frequencies as the dawn sun, that slowly get brighter as your visual ‘alarm’ goes off in the morning, without the abrupt aggression of an audio alarm.

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