5 Tips To Improve The Readability Of Your Blog Posts

We bloggers do write the posts with huge efforts and we want that lots of people will read it.

But the circumstances become sour when no one or almost no any person takes interest in reading out posts.

It might happen due to various reasons but some are really crucial to consider each time we write the article.

They can really prevent you such critical situation.

Let’s read about those amazing tips which are very important to improve readership experience.


1. Ugly Headers:

Yes headers can only be ugly. I am pointing towards those headers which don’t get able to draw the attention of viewers. Straight to the point – headers, which are not that much attractive so they can motivate people to click on your post.

Here is the place where you lose the battle. You must understand the importance of the headers.

Always use special tools if you could not write the compelling headers. In this situation, creative title generators do the expected job.

2. New to Niche:

You must have the enough knowledge about the niche you suppose to write post into. IF you are opposite to the condition then it may lead to failure in article writing. Before starting on any topic, you must have the proper knowledge so you can provide the right information. Always try to provide the specific data about the topic.

3. Lack of Visuals:

Visuals always draw the attention and increase the time on page. They adds the emotions to the sea of boring text. You need to very careful while choosing the visuals for your blog. Most of the times, you should use your own created images. They prevent the copyright issues.  You can also use the infographic like this post to improve the readability and back your content.

4. Repetition:

People get bored of repetition because each day millions of blog posts have been published on the blogosphere and many are rewriting the same stuff. You need to produce your own case studies or findings to create a buzz in social media and other platforms. This also builds your authority.

5. You Are A Hidden Entity:

People love to read the content of the blogger s that are famous enough and always deliver something new. Try to build your own identify around the world. Social media is the greatest source of it. Don’t be shy to promote your content. If you worked harder on it then you should not be any issue putting it at front of the audience. If you blog known to the readers, they will subscribe to it and will eagerly wait for your next article.

Being a hidden entity will lead you nowhere. There is no any benefit I can see to be like this. Why you want to be invisible to the online world. This place is to explorer new opportunities. So don’t fall behind just walk along with the world.


These are 5 crucial things that I always follow while writing and promote my blog posts. You must have to follow few things. You can’t follow things which won’t lead you towards your goal. Blogging is all about spreading your word as much as possible. Only writing content is not enough, you have to make each possible effort to get the content readers for maximum exposure.

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