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Whoops! Missed that perfect shot? Searching for that perfect hold? Take a look at our diverse range of arms and a variety of guns on our online portal Catering to the need for good arms to thousands of customers worldwide, we are always trying out new technologies and evolving guns accordingly with easier grips, safety lock and fashioning them keeping an uncompromised value attached to the quality according to the needs of customers.

From the Polymer range quite popular due to its durability and rust, dent and scratch resistant qualities we bring you the Polymar 80 Glock Frame and within it a variety of guns such as the Polymar80 Spectre Glock 17/22/24/31/34/35/ Gen 3 FDE 80% Pistol Frame & Jig Kit available in Finish/ Colours of FDE/Tan. Check availability on our website and check out the sale price if available along with our daily deals and discounted price offers. We strive to offer you more varieties within your budget so that you can choose whatever suits you the best amongst all the options. Add that spark to your outdoor enthusiasm and fire your passion for outdoor shooting sports with our firearms.

Manufactured with utmost care and excellent craftsmanship, each and every gun is given a fine finish with a personalised touch thus making each gun unique. The guns come with a jig kit as well and both the gun and kit come together at a discounted price so that you can save up some more on your buy. Another from the range of Polymer is the Polymer80 Warrhogg which are longer guns that cannot be concealed or carried discreetly are mostly used for shooting at a somewhat longer range shoots.

Warrhoggs come with solid core design; buffer tube ring and ribbing across the entire upper surface area with light design and stiffened magwell. It also comes with a thicker octagonal buffer tube which makes it more versatile to shooting. Perfect for your recreational shoot day out to try a gun from our range of Polymer and that that perfect shot. The Polymer guns last more than metal finished guns. Contact your nearest local gun supplier and take your order from there.

You can get a better firearm at a discounted price and also support your local arms dealer at the same time. We aim to serve you and your causes better with our easy delivery and ordering processes. Used widely both the guns from our Polymer range is a hit with the customers ensuring a cent percent customer satisfaction and reliable safety measures while shooting. We offer our services keeping in mind the laws and regulations for such and operate within the rules of law and order.

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