Different Types Of Door Locks – Where They Fit

Choosing a lock is something which people hardly pay attention to. They often end up buying any lock which looks good and fits in their budget, but this must not be done ever, because you are compromising on security of home or workplace.

There are a lot of different lock and security systems options available in the market for you to choose from. Everyone must choose the one that meets their security needs and also fits in their budget.

Every lock system has its pros and cons.  Thus, it is advisable to weigh the pros and cons before buying. It is important to know the significance of every lock before purchasing it. This not only helps you to utilize it to its full potential, but also helps you maintain the quality.

Different Types Of Door Locks - Where They Fit

Following are some different locks and the places where they fit.

  • Cylinder locks: Cylinder locks can be of two types simple cylinder locks and Euro cylinder locks. These types of locks are most suitable for PVC or Timber doors, and they can be found with various locking mechanisms. They come in different sizes and profiles to suit every door.
  • Keyless locks: As the name suggests, keyless locks are the locks that do not involve the use of keys. They are digital locks and use other means as keys. Fingerprints locks, pin code locks and eye retina scanning locks are some popular examples of keyless locks.
  • Padlocks: These locks are prevalent in the market since ancient times. They are probably the only types of locks that are not attached to the door or any other platform. They are portable and can be used They can be opened using keys or codes. They are easy to open or decode. That’s why people have stopped using these.
  • Knob locks: These locks are most frequently found in residential places. They are popularly used in homes and offices. They contain a knob at the front and there is a hole for key inside the knob. They can be easily broken with the help of a hammer or even a hairpin can bypass them.
  • Furniture locks: These are mostly used in cabinets, desks or cupboard locks. They have a bolt or push style button on the front side. These are considered to be the safest locks when it comes to locking furniture and stuff.
  • Other locks: There are still many locks available in the market that are not categorized particularly because they can be used at many places.

Special attention is required when choosing a lock whether it is for your home or office or any commercial purpose. Carelessness can lead to serious security issues in future and increased chances of theft and robbery.

Before buying a lock, consider its insurance and also that it meets the high standards of quality. If you are searching for a good and most trusted locksmith Brentwood TN services, then search through listed online directories. The most popular ones are available throughout the day and night and they offer their services in almost all the parts of Brentwood.

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