Become A Hypnotherapist and Counsellor With This Course

Over the years there have been many different methods for counselling.  Hypnotherapy is the one that has stuck throughout history and only has become more accepted.  Hypnotherapy has been used for ages and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.  One of the great things about hypnotherapy is that you don’t need to spend ages in school in order to become a hypnotherapist.  With hypnotherapy training courses from Chrysalis, you can learn to be a hypnotherapist and counsellor with 10 weekends of class work.

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For a little background, hypnotherapy uses the age-old practice of hypnosis to put someone into a state at which they become less inhibited.  During this time, you can give the person suggestions that are layered in that person’s subconscious.  What was discovered is that you can use this period of time when they are more suggestible to help them with a variety of counselling issues.

During a hypnosis session, a trained professional can help a person to do a wide variety of things.  They can help the person be more confident, get over fears, get past trauma, and more.  You can do more than plant suggestions, though.  You can also use hypnotherapy to help someone recover memories that they have lost, suppressed, or don’t want to deal with.  This is great because it can be used to help with the first purpose of hypnosis or used to help someone who is grieving.

If you are interested in hypnotherapy, then Chrysalis course “Chrysalis Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills Training Course” is the way to start.  What you learn in the course mainly focuses on the process of hypnosis and then using hypnotherapy to help your patients out.  Learning just this part of the course can be difficult.  It is important to focus on one thing at a time.  You will also learn some basic counselling skills, though.

As mentioned earlier, the course entails 10 weekends of class work.  This class work covers six different topics.

1) Basic techniques for use in hypnosis.

2) Techniques for use at your initial consultation and techniques to help with induction.

3) More on the use of techniques for hypnotherapy.

4) Cover hypnoanalysis and the physical symptoms that can happen from hypnotherapy.

5) Hypnosis for relationships, sex, and reproduction.  This section includes hypnosis for     childbirth.

6) How hypnotherapy and counselling skills can be meshed to make the perfect treatment.

By the end of the ten weekends, you should be able to use all of these six sections to work with patients.  You will also receive your Certification as a Hypnotherapist (Cert.HypCS).  Hypnotherapists are monitored by a national group known as the National Hypnotherapy Society and this course is fully accredited by them.

Out of all of the hypnotherapy training courses available today, there are very few that offer training as in depth as in this course.  Hypnotherapy is something that requires a lot of training to be able to do right and Chrysalis has nailed the hypnotherapy training courses to be able to provide this to their students.  They use high-level instructors, cover a variety of topics, and even set you up perfectly to continue your education.  The courses you will undergo are also recognized by a wide variety of professional organizations and societies which means that you will have a chance to network and to best set up your practice.

Chances are once you have completed these hypnotherapy training courses you will be left wanting more.  That isn’t a problem.  This course sets you up to move further.  From these hypnotherapy training courses, many students move into further counselling education.  The course was specifically designed to set students up to either work with this training alone or to progress into further training as a counsellor, the choice is yours.

Being a counsellor isn’t the easiest job in the world because you often find yourself surrounded by negativity and helping people with their negative thoughts.  At the same time, though, it is some of the most rewarding work because you are helping people and you actually get to see the results of your effort.  Very few careers offer that.  Seize your career and start taking hypnotherapy training courses today through Chrysalis Courses!

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