Why Your Business Needs Industrial Cleaning

The importance of treating industrial cleaning as a specialism in your business whether using your own staff or a contract cleaner; safety and the right materials.

A specialist type of cleaning using specialist materials and equipment

Industrial and commercial cleaning is unquestionably a specialism where expert operatives using specific materials and equipment are usually required. Different industries often require different cleaning techniques, and there’s often a health and safety implication with cleaning staff or contractors sometimes working in and around hazardous areas. There may be accessibility implications such as accessing hard to reach areas by working at height.

The right materials

If you have your own cleaners or are a contract cleaning company, then a supply of commercial cleaning supplies and equipment is paramount. Choice and quick delivery is essential, and the correct product for the cleaning job at hand is important for effective cleaning.

For example, a specific degreaser may be needed depending on the type of grease that needs to be cleaned up, and certain products suit specific locations such as kitchens, bars, offices and washrooms. It’s far easier to set up a source of supply with a cleaning supplies specialist knowing they’ll have the materials and equipment suitable for your requirements.

Properly trained staff or contractors capable of undertaking industrial cleaning using the correct materials is essential to keep a premises fully cleaned, hygienic and safe.

Safety of cleaning staff

Cleaning staff may be working in hazardous areas and so require protection. Disposable overalls, dust masks and high vis jackets are the basics and, again, your cleaning supplies company should have a ready stock of these items.

Assessments should regularly be undertaken to ensure your staff can safely access and clean in certain areas such as at height when, say, cleaning around cabling and light fittings. There are various guidelines applicable to the safety of cleaning staff.

Contract cleaners

You may be planning to take the contract cleaning option where you outsource the work by engaging the services of a specialist outside cleaning company. It’s important that they’re capable of cleaning to your specific requirements; for example, if your business handles a certain chemical, are the company capable of handling and cleaning it up?

Their standards of security and trustworthiness are obviously vital; they may be working in your premises out of regular working hours so may be letting themselves in and out at various times. If so, their key handling and security procedures need to be checked.

Can they be relied on to clean to your requirements? Different industries have their own specific needs and priorities, so you’ll want to be sure your cleaners can meet them. They should be prepared to come and visit, assess the work, listen to your requirements, explain and maybe even demonstrate how they’d tackle your important tasks.

Just because they’re a bona fide commercial cleaner doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be a good fit for your business, so do your due diligence. It helps if they come recommended of course, but even then you’ll want to satisfy yourself a cleaning company can deal with your exact cleaning needs.

For example, there are differing priorities if cleaning in, say, a food production facility compared to a large warehouse or engineering works. Are they happy handling certain materials? Can they work at height (if necessary) and access other awkward to reach places? Are they properly insured?

Industrial cleaning is a specialist activity

If using your own staff to clean your premises, proper training in industrial cleaning tasks is important as is using the correct materials for the tasks at hand – hence the need for a reliable cleaning supplies company.

Contract cleaners need to be a good fit for your particular industry. Cost is important of course, but the right company for your needs will save difficulties and disruption further down the line.

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