Sleep Apnea Solutions

Sleep apnea is characterized by persistent daytime fatigue and night-time snoring due to repeated closing of the upper airways that fragment sleep and deprive the brain of oxygen. This ailment commonly affects males and is associated with enhanced stress levels and lack of proper sleep.

Sleep Apnea

When you sleep, the tissues in the airways relax a bit, but allow you to continue breathing freely. However, in sleep apnea, the airway regularly collapses partly or wholly, obstructing the backside of the throat. This sets off apnea, which is manifested by the short-term cessation of regular breathing.

Here are some sleep apnea solutions to help overcome the condition:

  • Lifestyle changes:

Your lifestyle has a direct bearing on the quality and quantity of your sleep. It is suggested that you make some pertinent changes to your lifestyle including losing weight, avoiding alcohol, especially during the evening, and sleeping on your side to recover from apnea. Losing weight can reduce the excess fat tissues in the throat area and keep the windpipe open so you experience fewer breathing disruptions during sleep.

  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) therapy:

It is the most effective solution for sleep apnea wherein you wear a facemask joined to an air pump placed near your bed. The CPAP system maintains a positive airway pressure that allows the air to move freely in and out of your lungs. As a result, you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep. However, you need to wear a well-fitted mask to make CPAP work for you.

  • Supplemental oxygen:

If you have moderate to severe sleep apnea, then doctors would recommend supplemental oxygen during the night to curb the impact of apnea on your cardiovascular system. However, there is not much evidence to support that this solution may be as effective as the two mentioned above.

  • Surgery:

There are several surgical procedures that have been designed to diminish snoring or fix the fundamental shape of the airways. The minor procedures may not be effective in treating sleep apnea and the advanced procedures can take a couple of months’ time for healing. Therefore, surgery may not be a great idea for most people.

  • Oral devices:

Consult a dentist who can design a special oral device that could shift your jaw forward to keep the airways open. Wearing a dental device every night can reduce the breathing interruptions and let you sleep well. Apart from the devices, you can use nasal sprays that are known to cure the underlying cause of sleep apnea.

These are some of the sleep apnea solutions that you can try to improve your quality of sleep. Losing weight and using breathing-assist therapy can help overcome this common ailment. Untreated sleep apnea can have an adverse effect on your health. Even brief episodes of disrupted breathing can bring down the oxygen level in your blood and force your brain to awaken you from sleep. Disturbed sleep can cause fatigue during the waking hours and affect your productivity. Consult your doctor for an effective solution for treatment of sleep apnea.

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