Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

Homework is an integral part of the modern formal education system. Teachers in all schools across the country hand over homework to their students in the belief that they are doing something good for them. But listening to voices that say homework is bad for the health and wellbeing of the school going kids, one feels that homework is not serving its intended purposes in present times. Is homework that bad to be banned from the education system altogether? Let us find out in this article.

It creates stress in the minds of kids

Ask students what is the biggest cause of stress in their minds and a vast majority will tell you that it is their homework that gives them nightmares. It is a fact that students hate homework as much as it is loved by their teachers. If it is indeed true that it is a stressor, it wipes out all the benefits that accrue to students.

Homework denies students their favourite fun filled activities

It is a fact that completing homework in junior classes consumes most of the free time that students have in the evenings, thereby depriving them the fun and enjoyment that they deserve along with their friends. Most of the students see homework as a culprit and do it only under the fear of being reprimanded by their teachers.

Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

Homework denies the family some quality time together

In these times when both parents are working, it is only in the evenings that the family is able to sit together. But as kids are asked to do their homework, even parents are forced tio help kids with this homework rather than have some interesting moments with them. Thus homework reduces the quality of environment at home and should be banned.

Creates stress for teachers as well

Teachers in schools across the country are burdened with too many responsibilities. They have to complete the curriculum of their subject in whatever time they get in the classrooms. If they are burdened with the task of assigning homework and then checking it also, they are left with little time to do their primary duty. Thus homework creates problems for teachers and hence it should be banned.

Students do homework under fear of punishment

Most kids hate homework as it deprives them of all the fun and enjoyment that they can have with friends in the outdoors. But they know that not doing homework can get them punishment and lower grades from their teachers. Thus they treat is as a burden and somehow complete it to get the monkey of their backs.

It does not serve the intended purpose of enhancing learning in the minds of the little kids and thus it should be banned in schools. Kids spend lots of time in school under the watchful eyes of their teachers. They need some time to relax when they are back in their homes after school hours. But with the burden of homework on their minds, poor kids are not able to relax properly. Thus it should be banned in all schools. – academic writing assistance.

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