Mistakes To Avoid When Printing Membership Cards

Wanted to get your membership cards printed out but not sure about the kind of information you need on it? Want to avoid mistakes and get the best quality for your budget? Check out these five mistakes you can make while printing your membership cards.

If you have gone to a retail shop off late to make a purchase, you must have observed that most if not all of them offer some kinds of membership card to ensure that they earn the loyalty of the customer. This is done through different ways such as loyalty points, the redemption of these points, exclusive membership discount, free delivery and a lot more.

membership card

A membership card is mostly made of plastic, so they can be used for longer and has multiple uses for the same. If you are looking to get some cards done, you need to choose the right company for your membership card printing needs. While getting your membership cards printed, here are five mistakes you can avoid easily:

  • Overcrowded

Don’t crowd your membership card with too many details or designs. When you are getting the card printed, remember that the ink and design will need some bleed space. If you add too much information and ink, this can ruin the design of your card throughout. Keep it minimal so that the users can understand what the card entails and only the important information is highlighted.

Another advantage is that a minimally designed card makes it look very simple and clean. It creates more of an impact too.

  • Background and text

If you are creating the design and text, make sure that the background and the text do not clash. Choose colors wisely as it can end up looking blurred or illegible when it is printed. You can ask the printing companies for guidance on the same as they will be aware of the colors that will stand out and look great on your membership cards. This will make it easy for you to get it right the first time.

  • Quality

The quality of the plastic membership cards differs according to your budget as well. Plastic is the go-to material for membership cards, and there are various grades of plastic to choose from. Typically, membership cards are used for an extended period so it does not make sense to go for flimsy plastic that can easily break when stored in a wallet. Many times, the customer will not want to get another membership card, and you can lose out on loyal customers.

  • Printing

These plastic membership cards can have barcodes, signatures, variable data and more to the same. Decide what the uses for the membership card will be before getting them printed. This will make data retention a lot easier and enable your customers also to use their cards with ease.

  • Theme

The style and theme of your membership cards should match your company or store to help the users connect it to the company easily. This will benefit you and the customers in the long run!

Most of the companies don’t consider these points when they initially get the membership cards printed, which can lead to wastage and reprinting of cards. Avoid these mistakes right now and get the right membership card printing done from the get go!

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