An Agile Step To Reduce Technical Debt

Technical debt did not change much while going through the field of agile developmental principles and methods. The only thing that’s changed is the visibility rate. Due to some implementation of agile methods and faulty setups, methods are mostly focusing on opportunistic short term sectors. There are some preventive measures available, like pair programming, TDD and continuous refactoring, which are accepted on a wide scale. However, you won’t find any systematic approaches for currently sustaining implementations of bigger forms of software system. This mainly comes as striking calls and generic appeals. Mist of the craftsmen will claim to build software, which will not just function but crafted well, too.

Some points to remember

Working with some of the agile teams has provided developers with so many approaches. There are various ways available, for the developers to currently deal with technical debt. Developers are said to learn more about technical debt, and quite aware of the importance of facing such problems. It is not always clear, who is held responsible for reducing the present technical debt. It can be anyone over here, as IT leads, team, scum master or even the product owner. It is also quite difficult for you to plan the work and defining strategy for reducing present tech debt.

Other sectors to hang on

This is not likely to be a regular part of the current developmental procedure, which focuses primarily on implemented features. Sometimes, product owners are not aware of the benefits and needs of reducing current technical debt. They might not consider or even try to allow technical projects or stories in release pain and backlog. Always remember that goals and problems associated with technical debt cannot be always documented or structured. The thing to be performed remains quite clear among the team members. Some are even associated with fragmented documentation services.

Involving the owner over here

Are you looking for a pragmatic approach, which will allow you to stay connected and reduce the present debt in agile way? In case, the answer is yes, then the first step revolves around the product owner himself. He needs to be involved in this procedure and promoted to the role of a sponsor of current technical debt reduction. It is important to raise the technical awareness among people, and for that, you better visit here. Teams are always lucky while functioning with product manager or owner, as the main person is well acquainted with the software’s lifecycle.

Focus towards inventory means

After you have convinced the product owner, it is your duty now to collect and inventory, mainly termed as technical problems. It is vital for you to map them on structure, which helps in visualizing system and the current project landscape. You are not always liable to understand the topics, completely. The important section over here is to find proper structure, identify vital issues and mapping out onto structure. It is mostly related to knowledge extraction from heads to develop proper picture of present technical problems. These are always going to act in your favor, for sure.

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