Why It’s Important To Learn What Causes Addiction

Addiction isn’t something that only affects the addict. It is something that can harm the addict and all of the people that are in their lives. It can cost lives, cause injuries, and even leave people homeless and broke.


On top of all of that, addiction can also be part of a bigger problem, as drugs and alcohol are often used to self medicate for other illnesses, like depression and anxiety. Many alcoholics and drug addicts are given a dual diagnosis, one as an addict and the other for mental illness that could be the underlying cause.

Staying Clean After Treatment

Even after an addict gets clean, there are still high risks of them falling back into those bad habits and becoming addicted again. Once an addict, always an addict, you’re just simply continually in recovery while you are clean. If there is an underlying mental health issue, like depression, that isn’t treated it is more likely to lead to a relapse.

By knowing what caused a specific individual’s addictive tendencies it can be easier to come up with a plan that helps them stay clean. If they were self medicating due to stress, removing the stress factors from their lives can help them stay clean.

Understanding Addiction Is An Illness

Until everyone understands that addiction is not a choice, it’s an illness, there will always be some stigma out there. This stigma that see addicts as losers that are simply making destructive choices in their lives is what makes many addicts not get the help they need before it’s too late.

There is something going on the brains of people that get addicted to substances. Once you do a drug it can also change the way your brain works, which is what makes people need to keep getting their hands on their drug of choice. You grow to have a chemical dependency.

Getting Help

The only way for an addict to truly get over their addiction is to get help. They need to do through a recovery program, get help for any underlying issues that lead to their addiction in the first place, and continue attending meetings once they have gotten clean. You will also want to have a support system, if you’re a recovering addict. Having people in your life that help you stay on the right path can sometimes make all the difference.

Not only do AA and NA meetings make a big difference in the lives of addicts, but attending general therapy sessions can also be useful. This is especially true for people that have an underlying issue, dual diagnosis. Therapy for your stress, depression, or anxiety can help keep you from using drugs and alcohol to cope.

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