Why Do Elders Need A Medical Alert Bracelet?

As people reach their golden years, many suffer from medical issues and diseases that rob them of their vitality, good health, and even mental awareness. Unfortunately, many elderly persons who suffer from mental disabilities such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease may be subject to bouts where they are oblivious as to who they are or worse, where they are. This can lead to wandering away from a protected environment and being out on their own.


This is where a medical alert bracelet can play a powerful role in helping such seniors who have mental troubles find their way back home or in getting the help they need.

What is a Medical Alert Bracelet?

For elders, this is a bracelet that is part of an overall system that helps monitor seniors and provides information in case they are lost or have wandered away from home. The bracelet is part of an overall alert system, which helps to notify friends, family members, and caretakers that an elderly person has strayed away from the range of the signaling device.

Basically, the medical alert bracelet is connected via wireless to a safety alert device installed in the residence of the senior. When the senior has wandered too far from the device, a signal is sent that alerts caretakers and family members that they have left the premises. When alerted, they can do an immediate search in the surrounding area or call 911 if they have not found them.

Benefits of the Bracelet

There are numerous benefits that this type of bracelet offers to family and caretakers when their loved one may have become confused or simply wandered away from home.

Quick Reaction: Perhaps the greatest benefit is that the signal alerting the household of the missing senior happens very quickly. In homes without such an alert system, it may be several minutes, an hour, or even longer before the person is discovered to be missing. The bracelet saves valuable time that can make a real difference, particularly when the temperature outside is very hot or cold.

Information: Seniors who have managed to wander away, can alert even strangers of their condition, as they can easily be identified by the bracelets. The medical alert bracelet will inform them that the senior has a condition so they can call the authorities and help ensure their safe return.

Cost Effective: While the health and well-being of an elderly person normally cannot be evaluated on the consideration of the cost it may involve, it is nice to know that this system is fairly easy in the pocket. This is a simple, safe, and economic way to make sure that your loved one is quickly tracked if he/she should wander away, and can be brought to safety without losing a lot of time.

For those who take care of elders, the medical alert bracelet offers peace of mind thanks to the information it provides. Plus, it is very easy to use and the bracelet is crafted from high-quality materials so that it lasts for many years to come to protect your loved ones.

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