Things To Consider When Buying Green Tea

Organic green tea is made from soft buds and tea leaves that grow at the apex of the plant. The fresh leaves are boiled or steamed, pan-heated, rolled and finally dried. All these processes impact the flavour of the green tea.

green tea

Thanks to the growing fascination for green tea, every tea store has introduced its own green tea combinations to capitalize on this trend. Other than a few, the majority of green teas available are of average quality. Therefore, it is important for tea lovers, especially those who are buying it for the first time, to know how to buy a green tea that is good for health and tastes better too.

Here are a few things to consider when buying green tea:

  1. Buy Fresh Green Teas:

Tea leaves lose its natural aroma and health benefits with time. Green teas must be consumed before 12 months of its processing and packaging. When you buy green tea, always check the time and date when the tea was originally processed by the tea grower to know if the tea is good for consumption.

  2. Source of the green tea leaves:

When you buy green tea, you should always check the source of the tea, where it was cultivated and processed. It is better to buy organic India green tea closest from its source. You can access ample information about tea growers and their processing practices from the online tea stores to buy tea from only the authentic tea growers.

  3. Colour of the brew:

Heat is applied to the green tea leaves to prevent them from undergoing oxidation. This helps leaves to retain chlorophyll, which imparts the characteristic green colour to them. The brew prepared from a good quality green tea will be green, or olive green to be precise. However, if the leaves were not processed with care, the tea will turn black or brown after brewing. Thus, the colour of the brew can be an important parameter to check the authenticity of the green tea.

   4. Buy Whole Leaf Green Tea:

Whole Leaf or loose leaf green tea is the most organic form of green teas. The tenderest leaves in their full form are used to make the whole leaf green tea. This tea tastes great and is good for health as all the essential compounds and oils are still intact inside the leaves. You can buy loose leaf green tea at attractive prices from online tea stores.

   5. Buy quality tea bags only:

Though tea bags are convenient to use, they are not always the best in terms of quality. The tea bags may contain tea dust and fragmented tea leaves. Natural oils evaporate from the broken tea leaves so; the brew lacks the taste and health benefits of organic India green tea. The tea dust may produce a strong brew but lacks the delicacy and smoothness of whole leaf tea. When buying green tea, choose quality bags that only contain finest unbroken leaves.

Green tea is the most delicious form of teas and its natural antioxidants make it a healthy beverage. Check the important things mentioned above to buy the right green tea always.

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