The Most Unusual Research Topic

Science can be funny. Some suggestions prove it. It is the question of importance if woodpeckers get headaches. The next subject getting a good mood is deciding on which flea jumps higher: a dog’s one or a cat’s one. Sometimes one uses such statements to increase the motivation and enthusiasm of the researchers.

You should follow your personal priorities and inclination selecting the subject for examination. It refers to any area of science. One should be maximally involved in the matter one chooses. Searching for a suitable subject be ready to put in most of time and efforts to realize the research. The devotion to the topic assures the best results. Limit the subject area with the next parameters:

  • · Worthiness
  • · Probability of success
  • · Access to the relevant content from skilled authors
  • · Ways and areas of future research of the topic
  • · Audience concerned with the matter

Your topic will attract the attention until you cannot explain it to other people. Otherwise, it means you are not aware of the matter you have selected and don’t know how to support your own views.

The study of words can be fascinating and yet bring out humor for the researcher. Over time history has totally changed the meaning of some words. Such a word as carriage for instance use to mean a horse drawn vehicle. Today a carriage is motorized vehicle such as a car or truck in European countries. Often the word changes over time but it can mean different things in different countries. The sounds of words can also connote difference in meanings.

The Most Unusual Research Topic

Words are every humans form of communication even if it is written, spoken, or signed. We as humans depend on our ability to communicate in order to do business, keep peace, or make war. Parents first attempt to teach their children is that of understanding words. While you might look at your baby and say gaga or some silly sound this is a form of education your child with words. Words are the doorway to human existence.

Those people who write books and tell stories keep us entertained and keep us informed. The old philosophers tried to share wisdom that could be passed down to each generation to save us from making the same mistakes. Admittedly words without meaning or understanding are fruitless because people keep making the same mistakes. Unfortunately, the human mind can only grasp certain amounts of knowledge that is why we redo our mistakes.

Words were important to our religious leaders that is why they wanted us to have the Bible, Koran, Ten Commandments and other religious materials to live our lives without making mistakes. Yet words are funny when the reader does not comprehend what is being said. For instance, it says in the Bible “An Eye for an Eye”, many people who have read that have taken a life or cut off a body part of another person for revenge. The verse does go on to say that “vengeance is mine, says the Lord.”

In our modern society the social media is a major part of our existence and of course words are ever used to express thoughts, sell ideas, or just inform people of what is happening around the world. A website can go around the world in an instant. Social media is the pathway that helps to move words along. Facebook for instant has kept families together, friends keep in touch, and products sold. The dark side unfortunately, is when people use social media to scam people, kill people, or take advantage of children.

Words are the greatest invention that science has made because without words we cannot communicate. People are able to spread news, make people laugh, keep people healthy, help people to worship, sing songs, and keep humans together as a family. It is not uncommon that we mix our words up because there is so many different languages and dialects.

We make mistakes because we misunderstand in the translations of words. We as a society as a whole are still able to communicate with each other get innovations related to each other and maintain our values as humans. Words are the most important scientific study.

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