Tech Closets For The House Of Tomorrow

With the advances of time and technology, many homes are starting to be wired for sound, quite literally. Not only are homeowners building house wide stereo systems, but there are a number of other things that are getting wired up and teched out. Imagine the ability to adjust the volume of the music, turn down the heat or turn up the AC, from any spot in your home, all by using your smartphone.

Consider too, the house wide WiFi, which gives you the ability to connect to the internet, wirelessly, from any room in your house. This also has a number of cables as well as the router, which occasionally needs to be reset and is, however, often in an inconvenient place when that happens. With the new technology that is coming out, all of this is possible, and more.

The catch? Often times these systems need their own computers, as well as a whole nest of cables that run every which way. So how do you take advantage of the futuristic possibilities in your home, without creating a colossal eyesore? The answer is simple. You build a tech closet.

Tech Closets For The House Of Tomorrow

What is a Tech Closet?

The idea is fairly simple, you build a small closet where the computer system lives that controls your house. From inside the closet, you also have the multitude of wires that are necessary to make the system work, however, they can be threaded to through the walls to whichever room they need to go to, which means visible wires or ugly tangles.

So, your tech closet is very similar to having a broom closet, only instead of a broom, you have thousands of dollars of technology that is conveniently hidden away.

Where should I put the Closet?

When you’re laying out your floor plans, sometimes trying to figure out where to put the additional closet can be a headache. Not only that, but some people don’t want to sacrifice the extra bedroom space necessary to build it. Fortunately, you have two advantages in this instance. Firstly, the closet can go just about anywhere in your home.

While it is often more advantageous for the WiFi if it’s in a centralized location, this isn’t always necessary. Secondly, you’d be surprised at the extra space you find when building a new home. While it might not seem like it on the blueprints, there are often additional spaces in your home that can occur during construction. These little crawlspace type areas can make for the perfect tech closet, all without sacrificing any floor space in your home.

When you’re building a new home, or remodeling an existing ones, you create a number of unique opportunities to make it something truly special and unique. With the new technology that’s coming out, you really take your home a step above the ordinary and really add to your everyday convenience.

If you’re looking to really put your house on the grid, just make sure you’ve got a place to keep your tech, a tech closet will make for the perfect little housing, keeping it out of sight, and truly making your house seem like something from the future.


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