Most Famous Historical Fort In Rajasthan

As you utter the word Rajasthan, the picture of heroes on horses, gigantic forts and battle grounds are bound to come in front of you. Rajasthan is the state of gallant tales, mighty castles and large battle grounds, lying at the edge of the large Thar Desert. Visit the forts of Rajasthan to salute the heroes of Indian history.

Jaisalmer Fort

As you approach the yellow sandstone fort of Jaisalmer, the midday sunrays create an illusion of golden fort before it. Jaisalmer Fort is hence often known as the Golden Fort. One of the unique features of this fort is that it is still the living entity of the past, with 3000 families still residing within this fort. Travel through the narrow lanes of the Jaisalmer Fort to pass by curio shops, bargain like a local to feel the local ambience or eat at the local eat outs to relish the taste of Rajasthani cuisines.

Jaigarh Fort

Sawai Jai Singh constructed three forts to guard his kingdom, namely, the Jaigarh Fort, the Nahargarh Fort and the Amer Fort. The Jaigarh Fort is comparatively isolated than the other two. With arid lands all around, this place seems to treasure history.

Nahargarh Fort

This palatial castle served as the summer palace of the Rajput clan. From richly decorated chambers for the monarchs to the sparkling helms of the queens, Nahargarh Fort is a beautiful castle. At night you can get a magical view of entire Jaipur, lit with lights from the top of the fort.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

This fort is at a strategic location, safeguarded by the Aravali range and with seven ramparts and huge watch towers. The length of the walls of this castle is only second to that of the Great Wall of China. Last but not the least; there are 360 temples within the fort. Interesting stories related to this fort can be heard from the guides of the place.

City Palace Udaipur

This palace is no doubt a treat to the eyes of the visitors. With Chinese domes, hanging gardens, intricate carvings and located amidst sprawling gardens, this palace is gem architecture. Last but not the least, visitors can enjoy a pleasant boat ride over the crystalline waters of Lake Pichola, the lake adjoining the palace. Take the Udaipur tour packages and see the beautiful places.

Chittorgarh Fort

This castle reminds you of the courage and sanctity of the Rajput queens. When Allauddin Khilji attacked Chittor to woe the amazingly beautiful queen, Padmini, she plunged into fire along with the other royal ladies of the fort to escape dishonour. The fort is also popular as the water fort, with its 84 lakes, wells and kunds.

City Palace, Jaipur

Besides the glittering suites of the kings and queens, the Jaipur City Palace is a well known museum. Relics from the past, belongings of the royal family, ancient coins, arms and ammunitions are stored here.

Amer Fort

Also known as the Amber Fort, this castle is on a hill top. The fort is encircled by stone walls and tourists can travel to the fort on decked up elephants. Ancient paintings, delicate carvings, rare stone work and the beautiful stairwells characterise this fort.

The forts of Rajasthan are must visits on your Rajasthan trip. Visit these forts from September to March to escape the heat and get the best view.

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