How To Conduct An Awesome Video Training Session

Online video conferences can be a great way to carry out webinars, meetings, and consultations. However, things become different when it comes to training as it requires the participants to be actively present during the event. As training involves certain different challenges than a simple presentation, educators have often struggled to come up with most effective ways to use various online training tools.

How to conduct an awesome video

When used in the proper manner, a video training session delivered through an enterprise video platformcan accomplish much more than a typical classroom session carried out face to face. Most business organizations of various sizes depend on enterprise video solutionswhen they are looking to boost the collaboration within team members and enable their employees to learn new skills.

Here are some of the most effective ways to conduct a highly effective video training sessionby using video solutions for businessso that it produces the desired results.

Prepare for the conference well in advance

Make sure that you send all information about the forthcoming training session to your team members at least 2 weeks before the actual event. This would give them a lot of time to prepare for the subject matter. You also need to consider the fact that people may have their own plans and you cannot expect them to not attend to them. Do not send an email 2 days prior and expect everyone to be well prepared for the training session. The team members should have enough time to get ready for this conference.

You should alsoclarify the theme of the conference as this will allow them to know the subject matter of the training session. If you want the participants to carry out their own research and prepare presentations for this event, then give them adequate time to do so. The participants should also be well informed about the timing of the conference, i.e., when it is going to start and end and at what times they are going to get the breaks.

After you have taken care of these basic aspects, you have to set up the venue of the conference and make sure that all lighting and other technical equipments are set in place.

Arrive before time at the conference venue

Always arrive on the venue of the conference in time so that you have the scope to make last minute preparations. If there are any technical issues, you can attend to them and ensure that everything is all right before you start. Do not start the conference right on time; instead allow 10 minutes to let all late attendees appear.

Always look your best for the conference

Whether you are a man or a woman, you should definitely look your best for the conference. Choose your dress well and do not hesitate to put a bit of makeup. Make sure that the camera is positioned at the level of your face and the lights are properly adjusted so that they do not give rise to odd shadows. Wear monochrome shirts and avoid vibrant designs so that your audience is not distracted by them. However, make sure that your clothing is not too official as that may make some participants uncomfortable as you are delivering it through a video platform for business and they are watching it from their home.

Keep your training session interesting

Follow business etiquette and comply to the current standards of your business organization while you are conducting the video conference training. However, try to maintain a casual vibe throughout the session and do not treat it as an official meeting. Stay focused on the topic and yet take liberty to maintain an open minded environment that promotes easy discussions. Make sure to deliver your training in a way that keeps everyone intrigued about the subject matter. As you deliver your training through the video collaboration software, invite others to ask questions and resolve their doubts.

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