Forklift – Basic Guide To Learn About Forklift Features

A Forklift is basically a lift truck that is used to carry and transport materials over a short distance. You cannot understand the importance of a thing without knowing the basic terminologies. This article will give you a brief review of some terms that you must know. You can also go through the Service manual or user manual as PDF to understand better.

Forklift - Basic Guide To Learn About Forklift Features

Some Basic Terms

These are some parts of the forklift. You must understand what each of them means.

  • Carriage: It is the part where you attach the forks.
  • Mast: It is a support placed vertically that helps in moving the load.
  • Back Rest: It is used to protect the mast cylinders hoses. Also prevents the good from falling.
  • Fork: It refers to the arms that are in touch with the load.
  • Lift Cylinder: Helps to control the amount by which other structures like mast, forks and carriage might be moved vertically.
  • Tilt Cylinder: Helps to tilt them forward or backward.
  • Overhead Guard: Used to protect the operator from falling objects.
  • Counter Weight: The extra weight given to make the machine stable along with the load.

The details of the mast

The use of mast has already been explained above. There are three types of mast that you must know about.

  • 2nd stage:

It has two sections. One part restricts movement. The second one i.e. on the inside is used to raise the carriage and forks.

  • 3rd Stage:

It has three sections. One outer and two of them are inner. Both the inner ones elevate from outside towards inside when the mast moves up. It is important to provide a shorter height when using doorways.

  • 4th stage:

Of course, it has one outer and three inner. Here, the three inner parts move from outside to inside when the mast raises. They provide the shortest lowered height. They become important when low height restrictions are available.

Dimensions of the Forklift

You must know how to consider the dimensions of your forklift to ensure that it fits properly within the area of your factory or company. Applying the basic terms of height, length and breadth to a forklift can be a little confusing. Therefore, you must know how to measure it properly. Going through a number of Service and Repair Links and Manuals can be a great help.

The entire length starting from the front arm right up to the back arm of the forklift is its length. This must be in accordance to the room of your factory so that the forklift can work properly.

The height is measured from the ground to the highest point up to which you truck extends. The top could be either that of the mast or the overhead guard. Measuring height ensures that your forklift can fit in through the doorways of your location.

The width can have varying dimensions that depend from where you are taking measurements. Make sure to measure from a variety of positions like axles, fork, etc to make sure that your calculations are accurate enough.

These basic terms and calculations must not be taken for granted and must be properly understood.  Buying a forklift is not an easy investment and therefore you must be sure that your money has been put to its best use.

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