Cracked Foundations? Get It Repaired Immediately

If there are cracks in foundation of your house, you should get it repaired at the earliest. Apart from making your house look ugly, a crack can create lots of problem, be it as thin as a hairline.

Repaired Immediately

Problems Related to Foundation Cracks

  • Foundation’s Movement

Any crack wider than 1/16th of an inch shall be taken seriously, especially if it lets water to come in, thereby slowly increasing its length or width. These things are indication of movement of foundation, which is not a good thing to have.

  • Home to Termites

If termite is a common problem in your area, then it’s important to get your house inspected immediately by termite control contractor.

  • Decay by moisture and time

If the water is coming out of cracks, it can lead to deformation of your house foundation. Similarly, the more you wait the more worse it will get. If you don’t get these cracks repaired now, you may have to spend much more amount later on in correcting these cracks. You can save your money, time and energy by getting repairs done well in time. You can contact house foundation repair Oklahoma for correcting these cracks.

  • Bad may Get Worse

Before finalizing the deal with contractor, it’s important that you get your foundation checked properly, as if it is cracking, weakening or bending, it’s not only foundation that needs repair. A falling foundation can lead to cracked walls, ill fitted doors, uneven floors and other issues.

This means that besides getting your foundation fixed, you may have to shave doors or replace drywall. You can call a structural engineer from home foundation repair OKC who will brief you about the repairs required, and reason of what is causing cracks, and will then solve the issue at the root of cause.

Methods of House Foundation Repair

Following are some traditional methods of correcting cracks

  • Slab Jacking

It involves adding grout below a beam or slab. However, the quantity of sand must be perfect while adding grout.

  • Hydraulic Jacking or Piering

This method includes driving steel posts through the unstable soil and using hydraulic jacks for stabilizing weakened concrete slabs. Here, piers are installed for supporting your house from further damage in case your foundation has some issues. The two main types of piers used are friction piers and point bearing piers.

Besides these traditional methods, there are some modern methods that have emerged in construction industry

  • Concrete Press Piling

This involves pouring or drilling the concrete piers. It includes drilling holes to depth of 9-12 feet below surface and then reinforcing concrete and steel, which is further followed by topping the concrete spacers and shimming it over poured concrete.

  • Steel Press Piling

This method involves settling hollow steel pipes in ground through a rotary press. This method is considered as the best because it provides durable support.

  • Bellbottom Piers

Thos method involves drilling a hole in ground, belling it at the bottom and then pouring concrete into hole, and finally using that to lift it off.

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